Child Rapist Abdul Rofiq only gets 4 years.Another soft Muslim sentence from Incompetent Judge Beverly Lunt.

Child Rapist Abdul Rofiq from Burnley has been given the totally pathetic sentence of only 4 years for forcibly raping  a schoolgirl as she struggled. Imagine being the victim of this Islamo-nonce or one of her family knowing that in 2 years time the evil beast who raped her and took away her innocence will be out of prison and free to walk the streets where you live. It goes beyond belief  and smashes any remaining faith you might have left in the British legal system following the Abu Qatada farce and the many other instances of 2 tier justice. Its a joke.

The Muslim sexcase must have been rubbing  his hands with joy when he saw he was up in front of  Beverley Lunt, Britain’s most incompetent judge . Now this isn’t the 1st time judge Beverley Lunt’s ridiculously soft sentencing for Muslims has appeared on this site. Remember the Muslim  “would be Imam” armed robber who was given a suspended sentence after using he had become a Mosque regular who had started leading prayers as his defence. Yep it was the same judge Lunt who let him off the hook when anybody else would of got a long jail stretch.

After posting the “would be Imam” armed robber story, a reader by the name of  Midnight tipped me off on how the judge has a habit of handing out pityful sentences to Muslims and sex offenders.

Midnight :

Google the name Stephen Calderbank, he had a massive breakdown following his wife’s illness and death and stole from his company, he was also suffering from severe MS and suffered mental health and depression issues as part of the condition. Not once did Beverly Lunt show him any compassion, jailing him instead for almost three years. His three children already having lost their mother now lost their disabled father. But we all know Mr  Calderbank, although wrong to do as he did, was just a white man and his place in the system and the grief of his wife’s illness and his own meant nothing. Is anyone else sick of this two tier one rule for some, by the likes of BBC nonce hugger Lunt and her ilk

In fact given the behaviour of Beverly Lunt and her massive discrepancies of judgement I think it high time her actions were focused on and investigated and her role as a judge looked into with more scrutiny. Curious why a BBC presenter accused of sex offences gets community order also the same for another paedo,and why did Lunt allow a hooligan who beat up a young squaddie on leave to have no jail time as she had sympathy for his cultural and social issues and sympathy with the thug?

I am most definitely in agreement with Midnight now in regards that her behaviour and apparent sympathy’s towards Muslims  and paedophiles need looking into further. 1 law for all doesn’t seem to apply in her courtroom.The case Midnight referred to of Stephen Calderbank whom she sentence to 3 years for white collar crime without giving him any compassion for the fact he had lost his wife,was terminally ill and had recently had a mental breakdown compared to Muslim Child Rapist Abdul Rofiq’s 4 years and “would be Imams” suspended sentence for armed robbery who both used become more religious in there defence. Would indicate 2 tier justice with Muslims getting soft sentences compared to everyone else. 

Jail for Burnley man who raped schoolgirl

another soft muslim sentence by useless judge beverley lunt at burnley crown court for muslim child rapist JAILED: Rapist Abdul Rofiq (s)Abdul Rofiq (37) forced himself on his victim as she struggled.JAILED: Rapist Abdul Rofiq (s)
Published on Thursday 15 November 2012 10:16

A MAN who attacked and raped a schoolgirl at a house in Burnley has been jailed for four years.

The town’s crown court heard how Abdul Rofiq (37) forced himself on his victim as she struggled.

His actions, in August 2010, left a devastating impact on the girl, but he recently claimed to a probation officer compiling his pre-sentence report that she could not still be suffering any long-term effects.

The hearing was told Rofiq, a married man with a family, denied the attack when he was arrested and questioned by police in March last year but later admitted rape, in court.

The defendant, of Bright Street, Burnley, was ordered to sign the sex offenders’ register and was banned from working with children, both for life.

Mr Nicholas Courtney (prosecuting) told the court the girl had struggled with Rofiq, but he forced her to her knees and raped her.

The victim did not tell anybody what had happened to her at the time, but spoke to two school friends some months later. They took her to see a teacher, police were called and the defendant was arrested. He was interviewed, denied the offence and said he would not do anything like that. Mr Courtney said the defendant had a record, but no previous convictions for sex offences.

Miss Gwen Henshaw (defending) said Rofiq fully understood what he had done was extremely serious. His family had been torn apart by what he had done.

“He expresses, through me, sincere remorse. He knows he is facing a custodial sentence and he understands the impact of a custodial sentence on his family will be significant.”

Miss Henshaw said the defendant’s family had noted a change in the way he conducted himself and that included steering away from drinking. His change in lifestyle meant he was dedicating more time to religion and helping others in the community.

The barrister added: “He faces the inevitable custodial sentence with acceptance and sincere regret.”

Sentencing, Judge Beverly Lunt told Rofiq: “I have read the pre-sentence report and many references written by those who know you. A large number of those references refer to this offence as having been a mistake. Let it clearly be understood by them and by members of the public this was not a mistake. This was a deliberate and forceful attack, in which you raped her.”

The judge said Rofiq had tried to minimise what he had done,adding: “What you did was selfish, it was wicked and you will now be punished for that.”

7 thoughts on “Child Rapist Abdul Rofiq only gets 4 years.Another soft Muslim sentence from Incompetent Judge Beverly Lunt.”

  1. It is very easy. Many judges are nonces themselves. As Christianity forbids all noncery and Islam allows noncery at certain conditions, it becomes clear why judges act the way they do.

  2. Ok this Beverly Lunt woman what we gonna do about her? I googled Calderbank and it made me feel sick what she did to this guy and his little family and then how she has pandered to these Muslim nonces and given them these ludicrous sentences. We need a day of action against her, maybe a protest campaign outside Burnley Crown Court to show her what we think of scum like her or a leaflet/ Internet drive to highlight just how bad she is to the general public, also maybe a petition to the Attorney General to look into how she behaves.

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