Rochdale Asian sex attacker ‘could be 14-year-old’

The Muslim nonces  are starting as young as 14 now in Rochdale the Muslim Sex-case capital of Britain

30 October 2012 Last updated at 13:04

Rochdale sex attack boy ‘could be 14-year-old’

A woman was sexually assaulted in Rochdale by a boy whom police believe could be as young as 14.

The 21-year-old victim managed to fight off the attacker who grabbed her in a subway at Manchester Road near the Asda store last Thursday night.

The attacker is described as Asian looking, 5ft 2ins (1.55m) tall and medium to small build.

Det Con Russ Clarke said: “This was a horrific and violent attack which has left the victim badly shaken.”

It is believed the attacker followed the woman into the subway from Rochdale bus station.

via BBC News – Rochdale sex attack boy ‘could be 14-year-old’.

2 thoughts on “Rochdale Asian sex attacker ‘could be 14-year-old’”

  1. Why are children having sex in the first place? 12 years old and did not regret having sex? Why are they even able to get access to someone else to actually do the deed? Why are they not at home or doing something with a small group of trusted friends? I’m afraid society has let down the young; no girl should have the option to have 1 let alone 3 abortions. Have they not heard that prevention is better than cure? Sex is everywhere you look so you can understand why they want to do it early.

    My personal take on the whole thing putting statistics aside – they saw vulnerable girls and they took advantage in a blatant manner. I’m pretty sure the same may be happening in their homes where girls of a family are repeatedly molested/raped by a cousin or uncle. This happens because there is no one to protect them or support them when they speak out even if family members are aware. And such horrendous crimes are not specific to Asians alone. It happens in every race and culture. Therefore, this is definitely not a matter of race. To focus on it would be a great travesty, as it deflects from the main issue: these crimes shouldn’t be happening in the first place.

    “The image of a lascivious coloured “other” sexually exploiting the pure innocent white girl is one as old as racism itself.”

    To Kill A Mockingbird comes to mind. Except in this case, the accusations are all a horrendous. Why are the imams and mosques being targetted just because the perpertrators of these evil crimes happen to be Muslim? But do they actually follow Islam? if they did they wouldn’t have committed such evil, would they? When we have had so many white paedophiles/sex offenders, no one asks the churches or the elders of those communities, why? Please stop playing the race or ethnicity card as this is an issue in society that must be dealth with. GMP and RMBC have made mistakes, hold them to account.

    1. Iftikhar this is nothing to do with the grooming gangs or a child victim. If you read the post it says the Asian male who forcefully sexually assaulted the woman could be as young as 14 years old. The victim was 21 and didnt encourage the attacker in anyway, she was simply walking home, which an adult female should be able to do without fear of someone trying to rape her.
      As for your comments about the child victims. No matter what time the girls were out, how drunk they was or whatever doesn’t justify them being abused by these adult Muslim men who know full well it is not acceptable and against the law
      No one is saying there arent white paedophiles about. But the grooming gangs which you are referring to are a big problem in the Muslim community. Burying your heads in the sand pretending its not a problem just adds to the problem because these sexual deviants know there is a wall of silence protecting them. When your community should be addressing the problem and stamping it out . But that will never happen because to say sex with children is wrong would be saying Mohammed was wrong and a paedophile having sex with his child bride Alyisha

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