Officials At Louisiana State University Edit Picture To Remove Christian Cross worn by students

Its a sad fact of life that Christians are more and more becoming the victims of prejudice and discrimination due to people tip toeing round Muslims very sensitive nature in fear of upsetting them. Muslims have zero tolerance or respect for other religions. You only have to look at the goings on in Muslim majority countries where there’s no religious freedoms for non Muslims. In Saudi there are no churches, synagogues or temples.Its against the law to practice any religion other than Islam.In Egypt the Muslims persecute Coptic Christians, In Nigeria Boko Haram bomb churches during mass killing innocents. Across the Muslim lands are similar persecutions going on . ALLAH AKBAR

Yet when the shoes on the other foot in the civilized infidel lands, Muslims have had ample freedoms of religion.If anything to much. Now its become started practice that Muslims dont have to show anyone any respect but we have to sure as hell show it them. Leftist fools like  Louisiana State University are just bringing that dark day ever closer when were all living under sharia law

University officials stand by decision to digitally remove symbol of Christian cross off students

 By Linnie Leavines, on Oct 19, 2012

Officials at Louisiana State University defended their decision on Thursday to publish a photo in which they removed symbols of the Christian cross worn by students at Saturday’s football game.
The doctored photo, which appeared in an e-mail about the LSU vs. South Carolina game, featured a group of students known as “The Painted Posse,” who paint their bodies with LSU school colors and small crosses for every home game.

The students, who are Christians, were shocked to see the photo which appeared to be otherwise untouched.

“I was a bit surprised, because our pictures get used so frequently, and the cross had never been edited before,” said Posse member Cameron Cooke in an interview with Campus Reform.

“The cross painting is important to me because it represents who I am as a Christ follower,” Cooke added, “and it reminds me who I need to act like in Death Valley.”

But in a separate interview with Campus Reform on Thursday, Vice Chancellor for Communications Herb Vincent acknowledge the school had altered the image to prevent other students from being offended.

“LSU Athletics attempts not to imply any particular religious or political message in any of its correspondence with fans,” said Vincent. “Thus the crosses were edited out of the photos.”

Vincent also said the university was within its rights to edit the photo and claimed that it routinely edits photos before publication.

Regardless Vincent said the university will avoid using similar photos in the future to avoid controversy.

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The image of the students with the Christian cross, before it was digitally removed by school officials (below):

The remastered image of the students, after school officials digitally removed the Christian cross (below):

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