Map showing the true extent of the Muslim Grooming and Paedo Epidemic in Britain

Scroll down for map detailing instances of Muslim paedophiles grooming / rape / sex offences against children that have taken place over recent years across the UK 

After reading the heartbreaking stories in the press last week by victims of racist Muslim grooming gangs and paedos across   our nation i felt physically sick thinking about it. How many children and their families lives been ruined by it being allowed to carry on for so long. Schoolgirls having their innocence ripped from them by predatory islamic nonces  sexually exploiting them,who see them as nothing more than white slags who deserve gang raping like their a bit of halal meat solely for Muslim sexual deviants tfulfill their own immoral and disgusting sexual urges.

That sickness i felt started to turn to anger when i read about the authorities doing nothing to help these children instead covering it up as to not upset community relations with the Muslim community and fear of being called racist. Pandering to the same Muslim community who knowing full well its a massive problem in their community would rather bury their heads in the sand, pretend it’s not happening and strenuously deny it.Something Muslim apologists will continue to do as saying its wrong would be saying Mohammed was wrong and a paedophile with his 6-year-old wife. The UAF Communists will continue to defend the Muslim paedophiles however morally wrong and senseless just to try get 1 over patriots as they know keeping them as enemies and crying racism keeps them in a well paid job and their funding coming in. Therefore i felt compelled to highlight cases of Muslims grooming, paedophilia and other sexual exploitation from recent years to try to demonstrate the scale of the problem. The Muslims and commies will continue to deny it,the authorities will no doubt continue to cover it up.

The figures speak for themselves and its left to honest British people to make a stand and protect our nations children because no 1 else is doing.I fear this is the tip of the iceberg and the abuse will carry on if we stand there and let it.All we can do is make enough noise until our voices can’t be ignored any longer and the problem is addressed openly and head on.Sending a clear message this will not be tolerated no longer. Only then can we start to eradicate these racist Muslim paedos from our streets!!


If i have missed any cases off feel free to let me know and i will add them to the map

(p.s.  it might  say updated by Mohammed Islam on the map, for the record thats not my name.there was a little sarcasm with me  choosing that name.not only are they 2 vile words but also the 2 where all this muslim grooming originates from)

46 thoughts on “Map showing the true extent of the Muslim Grooming and Paedo Epidemic in Britain”

  1. I was assaulted when i was 13 and had witnesses to the incident the person was let off as his family paid off the key witness and as I was to scared to be able to identify him clearly it amounted to nothing even though there was at the time a lot of young white girls being attacked by “ethnic” minorities 25years later it looks like its finally coming to light whats been happening on a daily basis

  2. Kafircrusader, well done for putting this up. I’ve reblogged about it over at my place with a link back to here.
    Islam, coming to your town and treating YOU and your children like Untermenschen.

  3. And this is only of the UK. I wonder how many numbers are there in non-muslim countries such as Ireland, France, Greece, Italy, and anywhere else where they have growing numbers?

    1. yes this is only the uk cases. but only the 1s we know about. how many cases have had a media blackout or the offenders name etc omitted “for legal reasons” etc from news reports. How many other coverups have there been by the police/ social services where things havent been followed up for community cohesion. how many cases which the girls are to scared or embarrassed to report it,
      then as you quite rightly say, multiply that by every other country currently being invaded by uneducated muslims from a backwards village somewhere. thats a serious amount of muslim paedophiles and way way to many victims and familys ruined because of it

    2. Windy, it will definitely be interesting to see the figures in France, Sweden and Germany who do have severe bearded savage problems. Because of the history of the actions of two of these nations they have been very enthusiastic about political correctness but I feel that the part of their populations who are non muslim may have had enough of bearded savage rapists.

  4. KC, I would estimate that even if you took a very conservative view as to undisclosed cases you could probably add about 10 to 15% to the number of published cases. There will be many cases where it would be too traumatic for the victim to be considered as a reliable witness by the CPS. An analogy would be the number of rapes that are not proceeded reported and apply that formula to the phenomena of islamic noncing.

    1. i tried to get some indication of % of rapes and sex crimes that go unreported.i was gob smacked at what i read.if the same % of unreported applied to the muslims epidemic we know about it would mean that the number of young girls who are victims of muslim paedos would be astronomical. from what i have seen so far the % of unreported sex crimes varies from 50% to as high as the 90% suggested in the 2012 article below
      Nine in 10 rapes and other sexual assaults go unreported to police because women lack confidence in the criminal justice system, Britain’s chief prosecutor will say today.
      Read more:

      1. It is a scary thought that what we are seeing in the Islamo-nonce cases that have been disclosed is probably only the tip of the iceberg.

  5. where humanity has no value .Rapes are accepted as means to grow more muslims. .Poor girls are object of sex from as early as six who starts to produce baby from 11 years till becomes exhausted at twenty when women are through out to street to beg and allowed to produce more muslim from any other contacts

  6. In East Lancashire 645 grooming cases, 77% convicted paedos were white, 12% asian-9% Pakistani and 3% Indian, 3% white females and the remaining of mixed background. These are figure statistics obtained from the police and simply not made up as this nonsense propaganda page!

    1. the figures u use are thoise from the lancashire telegraph relating to REFERRALS not people charged.! Ethnicity data for 2011 official report 49% were white and 46% Asian: the proportion of Pakistani Asians remains unknown. However, in a country where Asians constitute 7% of the general population, this is a striking figure.

      1. Ethnic profile of male sex offenders in prisons of England and Wales. white 81.9%, black 9.9%, asian 5.6%, mixed 2.2%, not recorded 0.2%. Total 8106 prisoners.
        The above statistics also take into account figures collected from
        The ministry of Justice sex offenders sentenced data provided 10/05/12, white 76%, black 7%, asian 8%, other 1%, unknown 8%,
        Not to single out any particular ethnic group, the above statistics clearly shows regardless of background, grooming, paedophilia problem exists in all cultures, and realistically how it should be tackled.

  7. This is a direct result of Great Britain rejecting the Bible that one of their kings ,King James, commissioned to be translated into the English language.Many good men died to give us God’s Word.

    1. And many good men have died because God let them do just that. Christianity is, like Islam, just another desert religion that was foisted on the English people by insidious means.

    1. You’re obviously not getting it are you? Yes, all races and ethnicities partake in rape, yet Muslims do it because the pathetic bullshit they believe in tells them it’s just fine do do so. It is not an act driven by ‘male human nature’ in their case, but is a deliberate act designed to debase their victims – all white and not one of them Muslim. Now I wonder why that is?

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