82 Year Old Injured By 4 Muslim Scumbags During Street Robbery

Another disgusting pack attack on a pensioner after an 82 year old man was left injured following an attempted mugging by four Islamic thugs in Peterborough. There is absolutely no low that they will not sink to!!

In Britain we are brought up to show respect to old people, protecting and helping them where possible. The same goes for women and children. Anybody with any decency would not even consider acting in a violent way towards them because they are most vulnerable. It is that same vulnerability that also makes them a target to spineless Muslim thugs who prey on society’s weakest infidels who cant put up a fight back. They are bullies !!

Man (82) is robbed by cowardly gang of four

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Police have renewed appeals for information after an elderly man was left battered and bruised by a gang of youths on a Peterborough street.

The 82-year-old Peterborough man was walking through the cut-through between Nottingham Way and Barkston Drive, in Dogsthorpe at 7pm on April when the gang of four youths assaulted him.

The pensioner, who lived nearby was left with cuts and severe bruising to his arms and chest in the attack, while the attackers ran away from the scene.

Now detectives have issued CCTV images of a group of youths they want to speak to in connection with the incident. Detective Constable Pete Wise, said the elderly man had been left ‘injured and frightened.’

He said: “This cowardly and unprovoked attack has left its elderly victim injured and frightened.

“I urge anyone with any information to come forward.”

Four young men, aged between 16 to 20, approached the victim and asked him for the time.

As he gave them the time, they threatened to beat him up unless he handed his wallet over.

The victim took his wallet out and threw it over a fence into a neighbouring garden, at which point the suspects ran off.

As they did, they barged in to him, causing cuts and severe bruising.

Park Ward councillor John Peach said he would be raising the issue with neighbourhood police officers at the next panel meeting.

He said: “I know the victim involved, and this was very traumatic for him.

“Whilst this sort of thing is only a rare occurrence, we do need the police to get to the bottom of this.

“It is something that I will be raising at the next police panel meeting, and asking if the area can be made a local policing priority.

“We don’t want people to have a fear of crime in this area.”

The group of young men are all described as being of Asian appearance and around 5’7” tall.

Officers are keen to speak to the people shown in the CCTV image in relation to the incident.

Child Groomer Amdadul Haque Fails To Show Up At Court

When will  incompetent magistrates get it into their heads that giving bail to Muslim sex offenders is not a good idea. Expecting them to turn up to face justice is little more than wishful thinking. Time and time again they go awol putting other children at risk.

Farncombe man wanted after failing to turn up to court

4:11pm 17th April 2015

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The hunt is on for a Farncombe man, wanted in connection with a case about grooming an underage girl.
Amdadul Haque failed to show up at court more than two weeks ago.
The 24-year-old from Long Gore was due at Guildford Magistrates Court on March 31st.
He was due to appear in connection with a charge of attempted grooming of a girl under 16 years.
Haque is described as Asian, 5ft 8″ tall, of slim build with black hair and brown eyes.
Anyone who knows Haque’s whereabouts is asked to contact Surrey Police immediately on either 101 or 999 in an emergency.


Convicted Muslim Child Groomer Found Guilty Of 2 Unconnected Rapes

A convicted Muslim grooming gang member from Telford has been found guilty of 2 further rapes unrelated to the grooming gang. Nonce Mohammed Ali Sultan was part of a Muslim grooming gang who had sex and pimped out vulnerable schoolgirls in Shropshire. At the time of the trial he was already serving a 7 year prison sentence for those crimes. The sentence of 6 years for this time for the two rapes is not justice being served as it will run side by side his 7 year sentence, meaning its highly likely he will be back on the streets in 4 years time doing the same to other girls as he is a predator of the highest degree and will never change

Telford man jailed for raping teenager

A Telford paedophile has been jailed for six years six years in prison having previously been found guilty of two counts of rape and one count of attempted rape.

Mohammed Ali Sultan
Mohammed Ali Sultan

During his trial, the court heard that between June and August 2007 Mohammed Ali Sultan, 28, attended the house of the victim on several occasions and forced her to have sex and perform sex acts on him.

Sultan, who had originally pleaded not guilty to these offences, is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to two counts of sexual activity with a child and one count of controlling child prostitution in 2012, following a separate investigation.

Following his prison sentence, Sultan, of Victoria Avenue, Wellington, will serve a further five years on license.

DCI Neil Jamieson said: “Today’s sentence is welcomed and clearly indicates the danger Sultan poses to the community.

“This has been a traumatic process for the victim and one which has taken some time to come to a conclusion. I’d like to praise her bravery in coming forward to report offences and for her determination to ensure Sultan has been brought to justice. This further demonstrates the increased confidence people have in coming forward to report such offences in the knowledge that they will be thoroughly investigated and support will be put in place.”

If you have been a victim of sexual abuse, or are worried about someone you know being abused, please contact West Mercia Police on 101. Alternatively, the independent charity, Crimestoppers, can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111 or via http://www.crimestoppers-uk.org

You can also contact the Glade which offers a service to men, women and children who have experienced rape or sexual assault in the Shropshire, Telford, Herefordshire and Worcestershire areas.

They can be contacted on the 24-hour self-referral number on 0808 178 2058 or atwww.theglade.org.uk

‘Skinny Asian’ Pervert In Superman T-Shirt Flashed Two Schoolgirls

Muslim perverts exposing themselves to women and children is something that has featured many times on this site. Unfortunately the  number of the offences appears to be increasing all the time, almost as though its trending amongst the Islamic sexual deviants. Just like grooming gangs, random sex attacks on the streets, in taxis or on board buses, without doubt Muslim males are way over represented amongst the perpetrators. The figures speak for themselves. As a group Muslims make up approximately 5 % of the British population so unless for every Muslim flasher you hear about there are 19 instances of non-Muslims acting in the same perverse way, there can be no denial of that.

This latest islamoflasher case happened during the daytime in an East Grinstead park, Sussex as families enjoyed the sunshine. A sicko wearing a superman t-shirt purposely exposed himself and masturbated to two 14 year olds sitting in the sun.

Muslim pervert exposes himself and masturbates in front of 2 teenage girls at a park in Sussex.
Muslim pervert exposes himself and masturbates in front of 2 teenage girls at a park in Sussex.


A MAN wearing a Superman t-shirt exposed himself and started masturbating next to two teenage girls in an East Grinstead park.

Two 14-year-olds were enjoying the sun in St George’s Field on Friday, April 10, when a man wearing grey jogging bottoms and a branded superhero t-shirt lay down around 10 feet away from them on the grass.

The man then exposed his penis and started rubbing himself in an “up and down motion”.

The girls reported the incident to one of their mothers, who was playing nearby with a younger daughter.

The group then reported the incident to management at the Kings Centre on Moat Road, which leases the land of King Georges Field – and police were called.

The mother said: “It was around 2.30pm on Friday. The girls were sunbathing in leggings and tops when my daughter’s friend said to my daughter, ‘that man’s got his penis out’. At first they thought it was quite funny. But then he started rubbing himself and that’s when they got scared.”

The mother of one of the girls – who cannot be named for legal reasons – said it was obvious that the man wanted the girls to see what he was doing.

She added: “There were other people in the park but the girls said when someone else walked past, he covered himself up. He wanted them to see him pleasuring himself. He was so close they could hear his zip being undone.”

The man is described as being in his late twenties / early thirties, wearing grey jogging bottoms, a Superman t-shirt, with a black jacket or hoodie.

He was also described as small, skinny and Asian looking.


Rape Jihad :No Jail For Somali Asylum Seeker Guilty Of Sex Attack

Somalian asylum seeker Abukar Jimale came to the UK claiming he was the victim of persecution in his lawless homeland. Britain took him in providing him and his four children with a place to live, free healthcare and education. Things he could only of dreamt about if he was still back in Somalia. 

But making the most of the opportunity given to him at the taxpayers expense was to difficult.  Preferring to behave in the ways of those in his uncivilized backward homeland. You can take the man out of the Islamic hellhole but you cant take the Islamic hellhole out of the man.

Molesting females may be the norm back in Somalia but it certainly is not here. Although  given the pathetically lenient suspended sentence for a sex crime it wouldn’t surprise me if it did become the normal thing here once his fellow Muslim deviants get to hear they can avoid prison if caught for such crimes.

Asylum seeker taxi driver walks free after sex assault in back of cab

AN ASYLUM seeker taxi driver who sexually assaulted a female passenger as he drove her across Bristol has walked free after a judge handed him a suspended sentence.

Father-of-four Abukar Jimale, 46, who sought asylum in the UK after fleeing war-torn Somalia more than a decade ago, groped the victim in the back of his cab after she refused an invitation to go back to his flat.

The court heard how Jimale picked up the woman at 2am and offered to drive her to Bristol Temple Meads station.

But he drove past the station and instead stopped the car by the side of the road and assaulted her.

He forcibly kissed the woman before making her touch his crotch inside and outside of his trousers, the court was told.

He was found guilty of sexual assault and causing a person to engage in sexual activity without her consent on January 16, but had his two-year sentence suspended for two years.

The defending counsel said that Jimale, who left Somalia in 2001 because he was being persecuted, was a hard-working father who had lost his job and good name as a result of the offences.

He was also ordered to do 100 hours of unpaid work, given a two-year supervision order and made the subject of a sexual harm prevention order.

He was convicted by a Bristol crown court jury last month and appeared for sentence yesterday at Gloucester crown court.

Recorder Peter Towler told the defendant: “You were a private hire taxi-driver and should only have accepted pre-booked fares but you picked up this vulnerable woman who had been drinking and proceeded to assault her.

“When she managed to get out of your car she photographed your number plate with her mobile phone and reported you to the police.

“This was a clear breach of trust.”

Police Hunt For Racist Muslims Who Pack Attacked Man And Two Women In Bolton

Almost on a daily basis somebody going on about ‘islamophobia’ portraying Muslims as the big victims in life. Every infidel and his dog is racist if you were to actually believe those Muslim groups who cant wait to play the race card and blame everybody else other than themselves.  They have now even started blaming the detestable actions of Muslim terrorists on them being victims of anti Muslim hatred.

Since the murder in Woolwich of Drummer Lee Rigby, I have lost count of the amount of times i have seen professional sympathy seeker Fiyaz Mughal appearing in the media claiming of huge surges in anti Muslim hate crimes which more often than not are nothing more than name calling. He also likes to play on Muslim females being the victims of hate crimes. Some school kids tried pulling of a headscarf or a bloke in the street told her to take her burqa off etc. Hardly serious offences……

Yet where are Mughal and his like when the racism is the other way round and the offenders are Muslim? When women are victims of physical violence, pack attacked by racist Muslim thugs like the innocent victims of this  pack attack hate crime in Bolton who were left hospitalized.

Im very surprised this attack is being treated as a racist hate crime given the polices past reluctance to prosecute ethnic minorities for racism. Although I’m almost certain that if this had been six white Brits who had savagely beaten a Muslim man and 2 females whilst making comments about the victims race. That it would not of been as low key as this has been nor would it take over a month for the police to appeal for information.

Police release image of three men they wish to speak to following racist attack in Bolton

  • 14:04, 7 April 2015
  • By Emma Flanagan

Officers are appealing to anyone who recognises either of these men, or who witnessed the two assaults in the town centre in the early hours of Sunday March 1, to come forward

The three men police would like to speak to in connection with an attack near Back Cheapside in Bolton town centre

A man was left with a broken nose and damage to his eye after he was repeatedly attacked by two different groups of men in Bolton.

It is believed the attack was racially motivated due to comments made by the offenders.

The incident, which occurred on Sunday March 1, around 1.45am, near to Back Cheapside in Bolton town centre, has been described as unprovoked by witnesses.

The victim, and two women who were with him, were by their car when they were confronted by three men, who launched an attack, kicking all three people and knocking the man unconscious.

Moments later, a second group of men arrived. These three men also assaulted the victims, and it was during this second attack that racist comments were made.

Police have released an image of three men they wish to speak to in connection with the attack.

Officers are appealing to anyone who recognises either of these men, or who witnessed the two assaults, to come forward.

Constable Rick Charlesworth said: “For reasons that are unclear, this man and the two women he was with were set upon by two different groups of men. As a result of this savage and unprovoked attack, the man was knocked unconscious, sustained a broken nose and damage to his eye.

“During the second attack, racist and defamatory comments were made about the victims ethnicity. We now need to find all six men who were involved and we have issued a picture of three men we need to speak to as part of our inquiries. If you recognise any of these men then please call us.

“Alternatively, I want to hear from anyone who witnessed the attacks which happened near the Mawdelsey Street area. If you saw what happened, or have any information as to what prompted this attack, then please contact the police.”

The men from the first group are described as Asian. One was wearing a black top, possibly a shirt, dark blue trousers and black shoes.

The second had a black jacket with white lining, a red T-shirt or polo shirt, dark blue jeans, black shoes and was possibly wearing a hat.

The third was wearing a dark T-shirt, blue jeans and black shoes.

Anyone with information should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.


New Muslim Mosque Complex In Farnham Gets Go Ahead

Permission has been granted for a mosque and other facilities at a site near Farnham, despite objections about the size of the new buildings.

Waverley Borough Council’s Joint Planning Committee voted by nine to seven on Monday to allow the dramatic redevelopment of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association’s (AMA) Islamabad site.

The site is currently made up of decaying buildings from the 1930s, which the association has made do with since taking over the Sheephatch Lane property in 1985.

A new mosque, complete with minarets, will be the centrepiece of the new development, along with a large sports hall and other residential, religious and accommodation buildings.
While most councillors at Monday’s meeting agreed that the current buildings needed updating, it was the size of the proposed mosque and sports hall that drew substantial criticism.

Stephen O’Grady, who represents Farnham Hale and Heath End, said: “I’m baffled as to why it needs to be so high, particularly in this sensitive area.

“I’ve spent quite a lot of time in Muslim countries and I have seen low-rise mosques used by tens if not hundreds of people.”

Stella Anderson Payne, the Islamabad ward councillor, also raised concerns, saying the construction of a place of worship did not help Waverley’s housing needs.

She added: “Construction of a sports hall does not help either and could take business away from our own facilities.

Chairman of Tilford Parish Council Nigel Relf also weighed in to demand that trees were maintained and replaced to screen the large buildings from view, since they would be ‘perched on the top of a hill, which from the south will be very obvious if tree screening disappears’.

Roughly 130 people currently live at Islamabad, which is the regional centre for the AMA, serving centres from Tilford to Oxford.

Despite the enlarged size of the redevelopment, the association has said the updated site would not receive any more visitors.

A spokesman for the association said: “We want to be the long-term custodian of the site. The current mosque is totally inappropriate and the new mosque is designed to meet the needs of the site.

“It is not designed to bring more people onto the site.”

He added that the new sports hall could be used by members of the surrounding community.

Carole Cockburn spoke up for the plan, saying: “I’m really quite shocked at the resistance to this. The existing accommodation is so past its sell-by date.

“Those of us who have visited feel you get the best of all possible welcomes in the worst of all possible buildings.”

Islamist Front Group Claim Influence Of 30 MPs

Andrew Gilligan is without doubt the most despised journalist amongst British based Muslims, a honour well earned. He is one of the few journalists with the balls to stand up to the Islamists attempting to Islamize our western lands by stealth jihad. Exposing so called ‘moderates’ who are often front groups for hardcore islamofascists posing as respectable groups. When in reality behind the scenes they have their own Islamic agenda to push.

Once again, Gilligan come up trumps with his piece in The Telegraph regarding extremist linked Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND). The re-branded Islamist think tank IEngage whom i posted about last week for their planned event hosting Baroness Warsi alongside some notorious hate preachers.

Gilligan reveals that at a recent talk at a Bolton mosque, MEND front man Sufyan Ismail, has claimed that it has influence in the election of 30 MPs seats in the forth coming election which he will exploit to push their extremist Muslim Manifesto, part of which is demanding all criticism of Islam be made illegal!!!

Extremist Muslim Azad Ali is MENDs PR man. He is also part of the East London Muslim Mafia known as IFE who were implicated in Tower Hamlets vote rigging scandal. Ali is currently vice chair of communist front group - Unite Against Fascism
Extremist Muslim Azad Ali is MENDs PR man. He is also part of the East London Muslim Mafia known as IFE who were implicated in Tower Hamlets vote rigging scandal. Ali is currently vice chair of communist front group – Unite Against Fascism

Muslim group with links to extremists boasts of influencing election

A group suspected of being a front for Islamic extremists claims it can control as many as 30 seats in the general election and boasts of acting a “kingmaker”

Sufyan Ismail, CEO of MEND
Sufyan Ismail, CEO of MEND claims of influence in election


A front group for Islamic extremists which wants to let British Muslims fight in Syria has boasted that it is “negotiating with the Tory and Labour leadership” to secure some of its demands.

Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend) has built links with both parties – and been chosen as an “official partner” by the Electoral Commission for May’s poll – after claiming to promote “democratic engagement” by Muslims. However, it is actually a facade to win political access and influence for individuals holding extreme, bigoted and anti-democratic views.

In new recordings heard by this newspaper, Sufyan Ismail, Mend’s chief executive, describes the group’s strategy to act as “kingmaker” in next month’s election and claims it can control as many as 30 seats.

One Tory candidate in a winnable seat was repeatedly approached by a well-known Muslim figure offering large sums of money for his campaign if he signed up to Mend’s “Muslim manifesto.”

The manifesto was launched last month at an event in Parliament attended by at least ten Labour and Conservative MPs, though there is no evidence any of them were paid by Mend. Lynton Crosby, the Conservative campaign director, and shadow Labour ministers have attended Mend events.

Mend’s director of engagement, Azad Ali, is an extremist who has supported the killing of British troops, praised the al-Qaeda ideologue Anwar al-Awlaki and said that “democracy, if it means at the expense of not implementing the Sharia, of course no-one agrees with that.”

Mend is holding a series of events this weekend with other extremist, anti-democratic speakers and has close links to the pro-terrorist lobby group Cage.

In a talk seen by The Telegraph at the Zakariyya Central Mosque in Bolton, Mr Ismail said a strong performance by the group’s chosen candidates could make it easier for British citizens to fight in Syria.

“David Cameron recently said that British Jews fighting for the IDF [Israeli army] will not be prosecuted,” Mr Ismail said. “But British Muslims going to Syria fighting against Assad… will definitely face interrogation. Now do you think that if we landed those 20 seats or 30 seats, he [Cameron] would have the audacity to say that to the Muslim community? Not a chance!”

Mr Ismail also claimed that British society “hates us” and that British law specifically allowed violence against Muslims while protecting other groups. “It’s not a crime to use violent or threatening words or behaviour [against Muslims],” he said. “It’s perfectly OK under UK law to hate Islam and Muslims, it’s not a problem…if you’re Muslim, [the law says] you can take liberties big time, that’s why women are getting their hijabs ripped off.”

In fact, there were 550 prosecutions for religiously-aggravated hate crime – most of it anti-Muslim – last year and hundreds more for anti-Muslim crimes under the standard laws against assault and vandalism.

Mr Ismail claimed that a 2013 arson attack which destroyed a Muslim community centre in Muswell Hill had been condoned by the rest of society, saying: “Did you hear one politician condemn it? Even one politician? When was the last time you saw a church burnt to the ground – I bet you can’t think of one.”

The attack was widely condemned by politicians of all parties, including the London mayor, Boris Johnson, who described it as “cowardly” and “pathetic,” the Northern Ireland secretary and local MP, Theresa Villiers, who called it “despicable” and “an attack on all of us” and the shadow home secretary, Yvette Cooper, who said it was a “hate crime.” At least a dozen churches or church buildings have been burnt to the ground in arson attacks in recent years, and many others seriously damaged.

Mr Ismail also claimed that there were “500 physical attacks” on Muslims, “mainly women,” in London in 2013. This was the total number of alleged Islamophobic crimes reported to police that year, the vast majority of which were not physical attacks on people.

He cited cases up to eight years old as showing that there was a wave of serious violence happening against Muslims “now” and stated that anti-Muslim hate crime had risen by “more than just about any other hate crime you can imagine.” In fact, it has risen by less than many other forms of hate crime, including anti-Semitic and homophobic crime, both of which are also far greater per head of population.

The demand to legalise Syria fighters does not appear in Mend’s “Muslim manifesto.” But the manifesto does demand that Whitehall builds links, cut under the coalition government, with non-violent Islamists. It also says that “insulting” Islam should be made a criminal offence.

Mend strongly supports Cage and has held joint meetings with it, including in Manchester on November 28 last year. In another talk, at a mosque in Cheadle, Cheshire, Mr Ismail said Cage and another group linked to Syrian jihadis, IERA, “do a really good job.”

A key speaker on Mend’s election tour, which began yesterday, is Abu Eesa Niamatullah, another extremist who opposes democracy and stated that “the Creator is the one who should decide what the laws should be.”

The group also promotes Haitham al-Haddad, a hate preacher who describes democracy as “filthy” and says that “all the kuffar [an insulting term for non-Muslims] will go to hellfire.” Haddad adds, however, that Muslims are “allowed to vote for a kafir [infidel] system in order to avoid a bigger kafir system taking power.”

Baroness Warsi, the former Tory chairman, was billed to speak alongside Mr Niamatullah and Mr Ismail at a Mend meeting in Manchester, though she claimed she would be speaking alone.

Mr Ismail, a tax avoidance millionaire worth a reported £65 million, told the Bolton meeting how the group had organised to “batter the Israeli lobby” in the Commons.

Referring to the election, he said: “Right now, we are negotiating with the Labour leadership, we are negotiating with the Tory leadership and insh’allah [God willing] will start with the Lib Dem leadership as well, where we have a list of manifesto pledges.

“The Muslim vote is worth ten ordinary votes because… we are heavily concentrated in a few areas,” he said. “Anybody who can give any one party 10, 20, 30 seats, like we can, they have to listen to you.”

Tory sources said Mr Crosby wanted nothing further to do with Mend and did not know why the group was approved to hold a fringe meeting.

However, the party did not respond to questions about Mend’s claim to be in “negotiations” with its leadership.

A Labour spokesman denied any negotiation, saying: “We receive submissions and requests from hundreds of organisations, but it is completely wrong to suggest Mend has any influence over Labour’s manifesto process.”

Labour sources conceded that Mend probably had met shadow ministers informally at the party conference, however


Rochdale Councillor’s Son Is Wannabe Jihadist

Recent reports coming out of Turkey stated that 9 British based Muslims had been detained by authorities attempting to cross into neighbouring Syria . Their aim was join up with the savages of the Islamic State and participate in the jihad to take control of the Middle East. A conflict where ISIS have committed some of the most horrific war crimes of the last century. Commiting acts of mass genocide, forced conversions, rape and torture in attempting to rid the region of all Christians, Jews ,non Sunni Muslims and those of minority groups like the Kurds.

It has since emerged that the 9 detained including 4 children are all from Rochdale. An area heavily Islamized which has become a breeding ground for Islamic extremists and child grooming gangs. One of the pictures below shows the smirking face of wannabe terrorist Waheed Ahmed. Son of the Rochdale councillor Shakil Ahmed.

In a statement, the Labour Party councillor said he wanted his son to come home “as soon as possible so I can find out what’s going on”. Surely this idiot cannot be thinking his terrorist recruit son should just be allowed to return home without a prison spell for terror offences first where he can have that smile wiped from his face.

It seems those who were arrested with Ahmed were also related to the Rochdale councillor. Should a man with terrorist connections be in his position???

Syria border arrests: Seized Briton is son of councillor

waheed ahmed
Waheed Ahmed was among nine Britons detained in Turkey, his father has said

One of nine Britons detained in Turkey for allegedly trying to cross illegally into Syria has been named as the son of a Labour councillor.

Rochdale councillor Shakil Ahmed said he had thought his son Waheed, 22, was on a work placement in Birmingham.

Waheed’s aunt, Zadia Bi, two of her sons and one of their wives, were among five adults detained, Mr Ahmed said.

The group – which also included children aged one, three, eight and 11 – were seized near the Syrian border.

The detained adults are aged 47, 24, two of 22, and 21. All nine are from Rochdale and are thought to be related, UK police said.

‘I don’t understand’

In a statement, Mr Ahmed said he wanted his son to come home “as soon as possible so I can find out what’s going on”.

“My son is a good Muslim and his loyalties belong to Britain, so I don’t understand what he’s doing there,” he said.

“If I thought for a second that he was in danger of being radicalised, I would have reported him to the authorities.

“He’s studying a degree in politics and sociology at Manchester University and has a good future ahead of him.”

Greater Manchester Police and the North West Counter Terrorism force have launched an investigation to establish why the group apparently tried to enter Syria.

All nine are expected to be sent back to the UK “in due course”, police said.

Map showing where Reyhanli is

Assistant Chief Constable Ian Wiggett said: “What is obviously concerning is why a family were seemingly attempting to take very young and vulnerable children into a war zone; such a volatile and dangerous environment is no place for them whatsoever.”

He said the primary concern was the “safety and welfare” of the children, and efforts were being made to ensure a “full safeguarding strategy” was in place upon their return.

Officers had uncovered “no evidence whatsoever” of any imminent threat to the UK that was linked to the group, police added.

Gail Hopper, director of children’s services at Rochdale Borough Council, said the authority was “aware of the situation” and co-operating with police.

‘Despicable’ move

The group was detained by Turkish authorities at Reyhanli, in Hatay province, near the Syrian border on Wednesday.

They were taken to a police station in southern Turkey overnight, and then sent to a department for foreigners awaiting deportation to the UK.

The UK Foreign Office has said it is in contact with the Turkish authorities.

Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, said the news was “deeply worrying”.

“The idea you can take young children into a war zone is despicable and we condemn those adults who have done this,” he said.

Usman Nawaz, 25, who was part of the last Labour government’s Young Muslims Advisory Group, attended the same school as Waheed Ahmed.

He said he didn’t believe Mr Ahmed’s education in Rochdale had anything to do with the journey he had taken but it was a question the Muslim community needed to address.

“Though the numbers are small we are seeing a constant drip-feeding of British Muslims either getting into the Islamic State or trying to get in,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today progamme.

“There are young Muslims growing up in this country who don’t feel a sense of belonging to this country.

“For some it probably is an adventure but for others they think they are doing something noble so it’s the narrative that’s being presented to them.”

Waheed Ahmed
Waheed Ahmed has been named by his father, Rochdale councillor Shakil Ahmed
Car holding some of the nine British nationals who were detained by Turkish security forces as they tried to cross the border on on 2nd Apr 2015
The Britons were detained by Turkish security forces as they allegedly tried to cross into Syria
Turkish authorities
Turkish soldiers transported the British nationals to a police station in southern Turkey

The revelations about the group from Rochdale follows a string of cases where British citizens have tried to reach Syria.

Last month three young men from north-west London were arrested in Turkey, following a tip-off from British police, and were flown back to the UK.

In another case, three schoolgirls from east London are believed to have followed a fourth girl to the region. All four teenagers are thought to have reached Raqqa, the Syrian city where Islamic State (IS) has its headquarters.

About 600 Britons are believed to have gone to Syria or Iraq since IS militants seized control of large swathes of territory there.

And the United Nations estimates the number of foreign fighters joining militant groups in the region is more than 25,000 – from 100 different nations.

Video: Muslim Thugs Pack Attack Sikh In Birmingham

Several newspapers have picked up on this violent unprovoked hate crime following a video being posted to the “Daily Sikh Updates” Facebook page showing a British Sikh being pack attacked by Muslim thugs in Birmingham. Although most including the UK’s Independent newspaper omitted that this religiously motivated hate crime was committed by Muslims.

Despite Sikhs originating from the same sub continent as the majority of Muslims in the UK. The two religious groups couldnt be more different. The Sikhs have integrated with others,make no demands or expect no special treatment, hard working, law abiding and have made a positive contribution to British society in general. As opposed to Muslims who are the total opposite. To be honest i cant think of a single good thing they have contributed to our nation only negative.

A video showing a Sikh man being brutally beaten up on a crowded street in Birmingham, the UK’s second-largest city, went viral on Internet, prompting the police to launch a probe into the suspected hate crime.

The video, titled ‘Singh Brutally Beaten in Birmingham’, was posted online on the ‘Daily Sikh Updates’ Facebook site.

It shows the Sikh man desperately trying to protect his face as a man punches and kicks him while a crowd looks on.
“It is unknown why the Singh was attacked, but the suspects are on the loose. A person can be seen on the doorway unconscious and probably the first victim of the attack. The bystanders refused to help the two victims until a person from the crowd comes in towards the end of the video,” the website said in its appeal for information.

The appeal also claims the suspects involved in the attack are Muslim but West Midlands Police are yet to confirm or deny that report.
The police have urged the victim to come forward as they investigate if the attack which took place on Sunday was religiously motivated.
“We are aware of a video posted on the Internet which appears to show a man being assaulted on Broad Street in Birmingham on Sunday, March 29. It has been suggested the attack was religiously motivated. We would like to reassure people we take such reports extremely seriously and the matter will be fully investigated,” a police spokesperson said.

“We are currently making inquiries to establish exactly what has happened but at this stage, nobody has come forward to tell us they’ve been assaulted.

“I would encourage the man who appears to be the victim in the video to contact us, along with anyone else who was there at the time and can give us any further details.”

On the ‘Daily Sikh Updates’ site, one individual posted: ‘How many against one? No one there had the courage to step in. Shame on all the people that stood and watched.”

Another asked: “Why is someone filming when they could be helping or at least trying to stop it? This is in front of a hotel reception – why didn’t the bouncers stop it?”

The disturbing footage went viral after being posted to the “Daily Sikh Updates” Facebook group, where commenters expressed outrage not only about the violence but the lack of response from the gathered bystanders. “I am absolutely disgusted that not one person had the courage to step in and help this man,” one commenter posted. “Why do people stand and watch and let this happen? They’re as bad as the attackers,” said another.


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