Rape Jihad Victim Raped And Days Later Raped By His Cousin

Muslims seem to have sexual predator embedded with their DNA. Savagely raped by one Muslim beast in her own home, only days later his cousin forced his way into her flat and raped her. The victim says that for months after friends of the two rapists were turning u banging on her asking for sex. They saw her as easy meat and they preyed on her.

Telford paedophile’s victim was also raped by his cousin

The victim of rapist Mohammed Ali Sultan had also been the subject of a sex attack by his cousin, it was revealed today.

The sex attacks victim cannot be named for legal reasons. Right, top, Mohammed Ali Sultan, bottom, Shahmeel Khan.
The sex attacks victim cannot be named for legal reasons. Right, top, Mohammed Ali Sultan, bottom, Shahmeel Khan.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the Shropshire Star how convicted paedophile Sultan attacked her in her flat in Shropshire just days after she had been raped by his cousin Shahmeel Khan, who is now serving 10 years in jail for the attack.

Sultan was found guilty of two charges of rape and one of attempted rape when he appeared before Wolverhampton Crown Court earlier this month.

It was revealed after the case that Sultan, of Victoria Avenue, Wellington, was already serving seven years for his part in a gang which groomed and sexually abused a number of schoolgirls in Shropshire.

The victim, a 26-year-old nurse, today said she had suffered mental health and psychological problems since the attacks in 2007.

And she said she was not believed when she attempted to speak about the attacks on her.

She revealed that three years after the attack she shaved off her hair and attempted to take her own life as she struggled to come to terms with the ordeal.

She was just 18 years old at the time of the attack, and was living in a flat at the YMCA’s Consort House project near Sultan’s home in Victoria Avenue. She said she reported the rape to a member of staff at the centre, but no action was taken, and a manager even accused her of “turning the place into a brothel”.

The 26-year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she was in constant fear in the five months that followed the first attack, saying that friends of Sultan and Khan were constantly banging on her door demanding sexual favours.

The ordeal only ended when she fled the area, she said.

The woman, who has since left the area, was first raped by Khan – who lived next door to Sultan – during May 2007, when she was 18 years old.

“He got a friend to knock on the door, and when I answered he put his foot in the door and forced his way in,” she said.

Days later Sultan, who was a friend of Khan’s, pushed his way into her flat and intimidated her into performing a sex act on him. Over the following months, Sultan regularly returned to her flat demanding sex, and a string of other men also began knocking on her door.

“Word had got around that I was vulnerable,” she said.

Khan, now 27, was jailed after being convicted of three counts of rape at Shrewsbury Crown Court in December 2011.

The woman reported the first rape to police just days after it took place, but decided not to press charges at the time because she was afraid of the repercussions.

But she decided to go back to police in 2010 after hearing experts outlining the characteristics of the most dangerous sex offenders during her mental health studies course at university.

She told her case worker at the YMCA about the the attack, who initially appeared sympathetic.

“She gave me the number for the Rape Crisis line, and said she would tell her manager,” she said.

“They did try to move me, and find me a place at another centre in Madeley, but that fell through. Then the next thing I heard was when the manager accused me of ‘turning the place into a brothel’, and said people were calling me names.

“The police know of my rape by Shahmeel Khan, and did nothing”

A YMCA spokeswoman said the staff and management at the centre in Telford had changed completely since 2007.

She added: “While we regrettably cannot comment on individual or historical cases, we can confirm that we have detailed policies and procedures which underpin all aspects of our work and the safeguarding of our young people is of the utmost priority.”

Teenage Girl Victim Of Rape Jihad In Vale Park, Aylesbury

What is it with these Muslim perverts that make them think its ok to molest and rape girls and women on British streets. Why are so many of these random sex attacks committed by Muslim offenders? For 5% of the overall population in the UK i would guess they are the culprit in over 50% of random rapes and sexual assaults.

Do they think they are above the law ? Or just that brain washed by Islams sexist teachings that women are worth little more than animals and cannot refuse sex that they are somehow oblivious to what they are doing? What ever the reason may be they are massively over represented and something needs doing about it now!

coming soon to a town or city near you, Muslim rape jihad

Police are investigating a serious sexual assault reported to have taken place in Vale Park, Aylesbury on Saturday (21/3).

Sometime between 8.20pm and 11pm, the victim, a teenage girl was walking in the town centre with another teenage girl when they became engaged in conversation with a man.

He then walked with the girls into Vale Park where he sexually assaulted one of them.

The offender is an Asian man, around 5ft 5ins, medium build, aged in his twenties and was wearing a dark top and light trousers.

Leading the investigation, Det Insp Mark Baxter said: “We are carrying out a full and thorough investigation into this sexual assault.

“This kind of incident is rare and I would like to reassure the community that we are focused on locating this offender.

Det Insp Baxter added: “I would appeal to anyone who was in or around the Vale Park area at that time, who may have witnessed anything they believe would assist our investigation to come forward and speak to us as soon as possible.”

Call 101 or call charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111

No personal details are taken, information is not traced or recorded and you will not go to court.

Video: TV Debate Big Questions : Muslim Apologists Deflect Questions About Killing Apostates

Extremist Abdullah al-Andalusi


Last weeks debate show The Big Questions was about British Muslims having a problem with apostates who have left Islam. Extremist Abdullah al-Andalusi puts to play the often used tactic of deflecting questions rather than give a straight answer. Either replying with a question back, saying something off topic or objecting to the question in some form. 

When the presenter brings up hate preacher Haitham al-Haddad.  Al-Andalusi  still can’t bring himself to condemn one of the biggest Islamofascist hate preachers there is. Saying he is not al-Haddad’s lawyer then refusing to answer because the preacher isnt there in person.

Ramadam Foundations Mohammed Shafiq did himself no favours on the show also. Despite claiming to be a moderate Muslim he showed he was anything but that. One guest hit the nail on the head when she called him a closet Islamist.

The only Muslim guest to come off without showing themselves up as an extremist was the ever reliable Usama Hasan. As close to a true Muslim reformer as you will ever come across. Hussain along with his Quillulam colleague Maajid Nawaz set the example that all Muslims living in the UK should be following instead of idiots like Mohammed Shafiq and Fiyaz Mughal who only contribute to the problem 

Worth watching just to see Mohammed Shafiq’s face at 3:20 when the female ex Muslim calls Islam a backward ideology 

Baroness Warsi To Share Platform With Hate Preachers At Extremist Fundraiser

Tory life peer Baroness Warsi shows her  loyalties are to Islamists and not the crown.
Tory life peer Baroness Warsi shows her loyalties are to Islamists and not the crown.


(H/T: Harrys Place)

Muslim peer Baroness Warsi is to share the platform  with radical preachers at an event organised by an extremist Muslim group. On April 3rd in Manchester, dodgy Muslim activist group MEND will be hosting a fundraiser. MEND is the new name for the extremist group Iengage whose guise as a moderates had been seen through by just about everybody. Bringing about a re-branding for the Islamist lobbyists. Since their relaunch MEND submitted the recent Muslim manifesto to parliament with a list of demands for British based Islamists which go against all British values.

No doubt having seen the success that Fiyaz Mughal and his dawah machine TellMama have had at spreading Islam and attempting to stifle free speech. MEND have also been quick to jump on the islamophobia gravy train  since its re-branding. The anti hate crime business is booming at the moment with government funding handed out willy nilly. Yesterday in London, MEND were involved in yesterdays “march against Islamophobia” along with islamofascit group, Islamic Forum Europe who MEND are strongly linked to. As well as leftist controlled Unite the union. Communists from the SWP and their front group UAF.  Islamophobia is a vital weapon in the Muslims arsenal to stifle free speech and criticism level at them.

Extremist guest speakers on the night as you would expect from an islamist group like this include Hamas supporting hate preacher Zahir Mahmood. American Islamist Yasir Qadhi and Abu Eesa who made derogatory comments about females on the occasion of International Women’s Day and told crude“jokes” about women, FGM and rape.

What nice old bunch of chaps for a life peer in the House of Lords to appear alongside. At least we all know for sure now which side of the fence she is really sitting on and her loyalties are with.  This is no different to Nigel Farage being a guest speaker at a National Front Fundraiser alongside Nick Griffin and a kkk member. Imagine the uproar that would create.


Yasir Qadhi, a Memphis Imam based in Tennessee, preaches openly about what Islam truly is. He makes no bones about thinking that anyone other than a Muslim doesn’t deserve anything and are less than Muslims. In fact, part of Yasir Qadhi’s preaching includes rhetoric that says non-Muslims lives are forfeit and their property is legal for Muslims to take in jihad, (and this would include women as sex slaves)  Recently Yasir Qadhi said that “Jews and Christians filthy, their lives and property can be taken in jihad by the Muslims.”He also claims that it is the responsibility of every single human being to bear witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Allah, and him alone.

The extremist hate preacher has sexist views of women, believing that females being oppressed and kept on lockdown in the home is sharias way of protecting the females.

When questioned on Muslim women working he answered

“So if you stick to the sharia, you will keep your honour and dignity and liberty. And if you go beyond the sharia, this is where the wolves and the predators [men] will come and try to get you. So the general rule is that sisters should not work. They should not work because their role is as wives and mothers………We have a job to do and that is to bring about an ummah, to bring about a generation. Men have been assigned a role in that job and women have been assigned a role. It is not fair to compare apples and oranges.”

So the under his view of Islam the womans job is to live as a recluse almost like a slave cooking, cleaning and being a Muslim baby production line.

“Stay at your house. Your food and drink will come to you. What more do you want? Your husband will provide for you all that you need. What more do you want? Instead of looking at it from a negative way, look at from a positive way. You take care of the small, little things of the house, you please your husband, and in return your husband will give you the far more difficult things to do, of earning money and doing this and that.”


Zahir Mahmood has a history of inciting communal division, arguing in his lecture ‘European Depictions of the Prophet’ that the West is “doing what their forefathers have done for over 1,000 years. They have been vilifying, demonising the Muslims, Islam, and especially the prophet”.He also added that “…there has been a deep enmity and a deep history. The only difference today is that they use the spin of freedom of speech”.

In addition to this, he was recorded at a rally for Viva Palestina  (video above) claiming that that “Hamas are not terrorists, they’re freedom fighters” at a rally for Viva Palestina.

Muslim Woman In Burkha Robs From OAP In Luton

A despicable female Muslim has  brazenly robbed £3000 from an old age pensioner in Bury Park,a notorious Muslim enclave.  The thief had the perfect disguise wearing a burkha allowing her to blend in with the 50% of Muslim women who also wear them. This is why they need banning as they are a huge security risk.


Woman in green burkha hunted after theft from elderly Luton man

Police are appealing for witnesses after the theft of several thousand pounds from an elderly man in Luton on Thursday (12 March).

The man was outside a jewellery shop in Dunstable Road, close to the junction with Bury Park Road, when a woman stole £3,000 from his pocket.

The woman was wearing a green burkha and had a blue string bag over her shoulder. She is believed to have walked down Dunstable Road in the direction of the Leagrave Road after taking the money. She was also seen walking along Bury Park Road prior to the incident.
PC Chris Dalton said: “This is particularly vile crime in which a vulnerable man had a large amount of money stolen from him. We would urge anyone who may have seen this woman in the vicinity at the time of the incident to contact us immediately and help us prevent her from committing any further offences.”

Anyone with information is asked to call 101 quoting crime reference C/8655/2015, text 07786 200 011, or can call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.


Muslim Gang Trap Couple In Car And Rob At Knifepoint

Luton is the perfect example of a place where all the negative effects of mass Muslim immigration can be seen first hand. Its no wonder groups like the EDL formed here in response to Islamic extremism and a surge in Muslim criminality in a previously peaceful town. Violent crimes like this one committed by Muslims are now pretty much a daily occurrence in Luton

Gang of knifepoint robbers trap victim’s car

A motorist was trapped in his own car as gang of knifepoint robbers struck on Mulberry Close, Luton, last Tuesday.

At around 7.50pm two cars– believed to be a blue Toyota Aygo and a silver 12-plate Seat hatchback– pulled into the road and blocked the victim and his girlfriend in their car.

A group of Asian men in their 20s threatened the driver with a knife, demanding money and his belongings.
They made off with £200 cash, an Armani watch and a HTC mobile phone.

One man had his face covered, was average height and had an Adidas shoulder bag.

A second man was described as skinny, around 5’ 6”, with short dark hair and wearing dark clothing.

A third man was described as around 5’ 8”, large build with a beard and short dark hair and wearing a light grey Adidas tracksuit.

Another Asian male in his 20s was believed to be involved in the incident.
PC Ben Stone said: “We are keen to speak to anyone who may have seen the vehicles matching these descriptions acting suspiciously or who has any information to assist us in our investigation.”

Anyone who may have seen the incident or who has any information is asked to contact the police on 101 or text 07786 200 011. Alternatively please call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 11.


Soft Sentence For Muslim Child Groomer Who Avoids Prison

A Muslim paedophile supporter of Anjem Choudary, who admitted grooming a schoolgirl online for sex is the latest benefactor of the British justice systems 2 tier sentencing. Avoiding jail when the soft judge gave him the now standard suspended sentence. 

Despite knowing the was underage, bearded Mansoor Miah still pursued the minor asking to meet for sex and sending the girl pictures of his penis. Because the girl had been in trouble with her family before for talking to older men online. The judge wrongly deemed it a valid enough reason to give him a get out of jail free card. The victims history should not even enter the equation 

Dope-smoking supporter of Anjem Choudary who groomed girl, 15, for sex walks free

A VIRGIN dope-smoking supporter of hate preacher Anjem Choudary who tried to convert a 15-year-old schoolgirl to Islam before grooming her for sex on Facebook has walked Pic of Mansoor Miah wearing a hatJamie Lorriman
Mansoor Miah avoided being jailed
Mansoor Miah, of Kilburn, north-west London, asked the teenager to meet him for sex at a Kent hotel in November 2013 after first making contact with her on the Nintendo DS handheld gaming system.

The 22-year-old, who worked as a sales assistant at Tesco in Brent Cross, also sent lewd photographs to the youngster and pleasured himself while talking to the teen.

However, Southwark Crown Court heard the schoolgirl had a history of exchanging explicit images with men on Facebook and had had her laptop confiscated by her mother before she started talking to Miah on her DS.

Miah retweeted several messages from Choudary including one just three days before his arrest on June 25 last year, which begins: ‘Which Muslim wouldn’t want to live in the Khilafah, ie Islamic ruling system…’.

However, Miah never met Choudary, merely following him on Twitter.

Today judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith sentenced Miah to 16 months in jail suspended for two years as well as a two year treatment programme.

He described him as an “immature” young man whose crime was a “one off”.

He said: “The prison sentence marks the seriousness of what you did. The course of treatment ensures it will not happen again and protects other young girls.

“The victim was just 15 and was young for her age, her mother said she was vulnerable and not streetwise.

“She had previously taken part in sexual chat with men online and her mother took away her Facebook access.

“She set up another Facebook account on her brother’s Nintendo DS under a false name and claimed to be living in LA.

“You had no sexual experience. You were feeling depressed and isolated, you were smoking cannabis.

“I accept you were immature for your age and once these conversations were finished you did not talk to other girls.”

The judge also praised Miah for being “helpful” to the police, who described him as a “different person” from the one who had committed the offences.

Miah, who has already signed the sex offenders register, was also made the subject of a sexual offences prevention order.

Mansoor MiahJamie Lorriman

Mansoor Miah tried to book a hotel in Kent so he could have sex with a 15-year-old

I expect your body is hot

Mansoor Miah

Dressed in blue chinos, black jacket, white shirt and red tie the ponytailed defendant did not react when he heard he was not going to be jailed.

He was arrested after the child confessed to a schoolfriend, who then told a teacher. The school then informed the child’s mother who called a halt to the online contact with Miah and reported it to police.

Last month, Miah admitted attempting to meet a child following sexual grooming but he denied five further charges, which will lie on file.

Prosecutor Stephen Requena said the defendant first contacted his victim by Facebook on the afternoon of November 14, 2013.

After a four day gap he sent her increasingly explicit images while discussing arranging to meet her for sex in the Premier Inn in Folkestone, Kent.

Mr Requena added: “He first sends her messages about the Koran and Islam. She was someone sceptical.

“Having talked about Islam he proceeds to chat her up, having established her real age.

“He praises her physical appearance and asks if she has a boyfriend.”

He said Miah started by sending the victim a picture of his stomach muscles and asks him to “rate his abs”.

He then sends a picture exposing more of his stomach and his pubic hair and saying “do you want me to go lower”.

He then asks for a picture of her “hips” adding: “I expect your body is hot”.

Mr Requena said: “He then sent her a picture of his erect penis and exchanges somebody extremely dirty talk with her”.

When he was arrested Miah accepted he knew the girl was underage and admitted sending pictures to her. He also said he might have researched hotels on the internet.

In a statement, her mother described her daughter as “not very mature for her age, vulnerable, not streetwise, shy, not comfortable in social situations, which is why she talked to people on the Internet”.

She said it had greatly affected her daughter who had been really low and wanted to put it behind her.

Edward Jones, defending, described his client as a “confused young man” adding the girl had a history of sending explicit messages to men.

He added: “He [Miah] didn’t seek her out, he befriended her because she was a friend of a friend, not because she looks young, she looks 20.

“This was a young man confused about religious beliefs, smoking cannabis to significant degree. He has now sought to reform himself.

“He made a catastrophic error of judgement which he said would not be repeated.”

Pervert Wanted For Flashing Females On Manchester Bus

Is anybody remotely surprised that the pervert who exposed himself on a Manchester bus is an Asian and almost a certainly Muslim. Islamic sexual deviants have something of a fetish for both flashing females  and committing sex crimes on public transport

Man exposes himself to bus passengers on top deck of 192 service

Source    By Amy Glendinning

Officers have released an image of a man they wish to speak to after two reports of a passenger committing a lewd act on the service to and from Longsight in Manchester

This is the man police want to speak to after a bus passenger exposed himself on the top deck of the 192 service.

Officers have released the image after two reports of a man committing a lewd act on the service to and from Longsight in Manchester.

In the first incident a man boarded the 192 at Stockport Road around 10.50pm on Friday, January 30.

He went up to the top deck and began speaking to two women.

He first asked if they would take a photo of him and then if he could take a photo of them.

Minutes later, he committed a lewd act before getting off at Piccadilly Gardens.

At around 11.25pm the same night, a man caught the return 192 service back to Longsight.

He walked past a female passenger and touched her leg before sitting behind her.

He then moved seats so she could see him and again committed a lewd act before getting off the bus at Stockport Road.

Detective Constable Dan Smith said: “The bus is very busy at this time of night and we believe there would have been a number of people on it.

“I would ask anyone who may have witnessed what happened to call us.

“We are also keen to hear from anyone who recognises the man in the still to come forward.

“I would make a direct appeal to the man himself to contact us and eliminate you from our enquiries.”

False Flag ?? Empty Shop Owner Claims Fire Was Racist Attack Due To Graffiti Saying ‘EDL’ In WALES

A police investigation is underway following a fire at the former MAA Tandoori Takeaway on High Street, Connah’s Quay,Wales. Police are treating the blaze as being racially motivated because ‘EDL’ had been sprayed onto the properties wall. The premises are currently  unoccupied.

Call me suspicious, but this has false flag wrote all over it. Since when does the words EDL automatically mean they must be responsible ruling out other possible motives.

Now im not a criminal so can only speak hypothetically not from experience. If i was the arsonist i would want to leave as little evidence as possible that may lead back to my direction. If it was racially motivated because of a hatred for Asians and i wanted to get at them. Then for a kick off i wouldnt set fire to an empty building that is not even trading. I would go burn down Spices Of Bengal or whatever name curry house doing business  up the road. Or Abduls open all hours shop next door. Somewhere it would have an impact.

As for the EDL graffiti….come on….only a complete idiot would write that before setting fire to the place if they had any real ties to the group. Besides why waste the time messing around spray painting the wall on a building you going to try burn to the ground. Any extra time in the vicinity increases the chance of being caught. With a long prison sentence at stake would you risk it?

If somebody was that much of an extremist that it drove them to burn down an empty building. Then i think they would also be clued up as to local anti Muslim groups and stuff and would of been aware of the Welsh Defence League and painted that on the side of the building instead of EDL, after all it is in Wales.

The only logically explanation is that the arsonist wrote EDL because they wanted people to think it was a racist attack instead of an insurance job maybe? Not being local had no knowledge of the WDL, writing EDL because  that is the only group they had heard of near them, in lets say Oldham for example?

ARSONISTS have struck at a former Indian restaurant in a “racially motivated” attack.

An investigation is underway following a fire at the MAA Tandoori Takeaway on High Street, Connah’s Quay.

Police are treating the blaze as being racially motivated because ‘EDL’ signs – alluding to the far-right group English Defence League – were spray-painted on the front and back of the property.

The owner, Mr E Rahmam, who lives in Oldham, said he was in “shock” over the attack.

He bought the building four months ago and has been having renovation work completed.

He said he had planned to rent the building out once complete but that the blaze would set back those plans.

“There is just no need for it,” he said.

“I wanted to come straight away when I found out but I couldn’t because they wouldn’t let me into the building.”

Mr Rahmam made the 100-mile round trip from Oldham yesterday to assess the damage.

He said the inside of the property was not that bad and he was unsure how much it would leave him out of pocket.

The attack has also been met with outrage by Connah’s Quay councillor Andrew Dunbobbin.

“I condemn this extreme, radical behaviour,” he said.

“It is not welcomed in Connah’s Quay and won’t be tolerated.

“I would ask anybody in the local community who has any knowledge regarding this incident to come forward, in confidence, to help find the culprits.”

The blaze happened at about 10.50pm on Monday. Two fire crews went to tackle the flames.

The fire service said there was minimal fire damage to the ground floor but smoke damage throughout the first floor of the property.

The building had been undergoing refurbishment, according to residents, and had not long had a new roof on the building.

Police were yesterday doing door-to-door inquiries as a joint fire service and police investigation was launched.

Insp Ceri Hawe said it was an “isolated incident” and “does not reflect the attitude of the local community”.

Colin Everett, Flintshire Council’s chief executive, added: “We fully agree with North Wales Police that this is an isolated incident.

“The public should not be over concerned by any implications of a random act of criminal damage of this type.

“Deeside has a reputation for being a tolerant community and acts like this are out of character.”

One resident, who did not want to be named, said he watched the fire take hold.

“I had just finished watching the football and I heard a big bang,” he said.

“I went out the back and I could see the fire. The flames were big enough.

“The fire brigade were here quick enough though.”

No one was injured.

The attack comes in the same week that North Wales Police joined other forces across the UK pledging support for the ‘We Stand Together’ campaign, which promotes community cohesion along with encouraging people to stand together and celebrate differences.

Press Reports Said ’29 Arrested At Dudley EDL Demo’ : What They Didnt Say Was 25 Were Actually From UAF

On February 7th, activists from the English Defence Leauge descended upon Dudley to peacefully protest against the proposed mega mosque. The imposing construction was granted planning permission by the local Labour council despite hundreds of objections by locals.

Local press reported that there was approximately 600 patriots at the  EDL protest. As usual communist front group Unite Against Fascism held a counter protest which was attended by around 50 far left extremists.

Following the protest the local paper ran the headline :

Twenty nine arrests as EDL protests in Dudley

Twenty nine people were arrested as 600 EDL supporters descended on Dudley to protest plans for a new mosque.


 The report also featured Chief Superintendent Chris Johnson saying “While West Midlands Police has no power to ban people from exercising their democratic right to express their opinions through protest, we have been planning the policing operation for months.”

Council leader Councillor Pete Lowe “We have said all along that the EDL is not welcome in Dudley borough but there are no legal powers to stop them holding a protest.

The impression given by the newspaper is that those who were arrested in Dudlley were there as part of the EDL protest,  This is seemingly backed up by the comments by the Police and council leader who both make it clear they did not approve of the EDL being there.  Yet this  was far removed from the truth

It took a freedom of information request to West Midlands Police to reveal that only 4 out of the 29 arrests made were part of the EDL demo. The other 25 arrested were from those in opposition to the EDL as part of the Unite Against Fascism counter protests. 

The authorities want to make groups like the EDL be smeared as the bad guys. If not the public may start to listen to their message and wake up to the stealth jihad and islamization going on all around them. 

Opening peoples eyes to the threat that Political Islam poses to all our futures. Counter Jihad, Opposing the Islamization And Stealth Jihad of our infidel lands, Anti Rape-Jihad, Exposing Muslim Grooming Gangs, Reverse Dawah, Highlighting Pro Muslim Media Bias And Reverse Racism, Campaigning Against New Mosque Building, Against Inhumane Halal Slaughtered Food. Hater Of All Terrorism And Violence


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