Mohammed Imran, 11TH Muslim Grooming Gang Member Charged By Thames Valley Police

An eleventh man has been charged with child sex offences alleged to have taken place in the Aylesbury area. Mohammed Imran, of Springcliffe Street, Bradford, is accused of six offences including three counts of raping a girl aged under 16.

Earlier in the week ten other child abusers were charged by Thames Valley Police in the same investigation. For some unknown reason the police statement below doesn’t name those charged only gives the mens ages. There is no doubt on the religion followed by nonce number eleven with a name like Mohammed. This also gives some big indication that the ten  others arrested were also of the Islamic type.  Just in case you hadn’t already sussed that by the police’s statement shown below not naming those charged. Still community cohesion being put first !!

Child exploitation warrants executed in Aylesbury

Thames Valley Police has today carried out a series of warrants in Aylesbury and other Buckinghamshire towns relating to child sexual exploitation.

Around 120 officers executed warrants at 10 properties at 7am. Six warrants were carried out in Aylesbury, one in Milton Keynes, one in Buckingham, one in Chesham and one in Middlesex.

A number of warrants are still being carried out.

Eight men, aged between 28 and 45 have been arrested on suspicion of sexual offences and are currently in police custody.

Those arrested are:

  • 32-year-old man
  • 45-year-old man
  • 32-year-old man
  • 35-year-old man
  • 40-year-old man
  • 35-year-old man
  • 28-year-old man
  • 40-year-old man

The offences relate to two female victims in the Aylesbury area between 2005 and 2012.

“The police action taken today comes as a result of information given to the police earlier this year. We have been working closely with other agencies to investigate these matters, and to provide support and care for the victims. The aim of this operation is to protect victims, bring offenders to justice, and to offer help to any others who we are encouraging to come forward. We will continue to work alongside our partner agencies to offer any support victims need as we carry on with the investigation. I understand today’s events will have an impact on the community and people will be concerned about the nature of these arrests. As you can understand, we are in the early stages of this investigation so may not be able to provide all the information straight away, but we will work hard to make sure the community is kept updated when we can. Our neighbourhood policing teams are carrying out patrols in the area and will be doing their best to answer any questions, so please do not hesitate to approach them. If anyone has any concerns at all about offences relating to child sex exploitation, if they are a victim or know someone who may be, I urge them to contact Thames Valley Police on the 24-hour non-emergency number 101.”


An eleventh man has been charged with child sex offences alleged to have taken place in the Aylesbury area.

Aylesbury child sex abuse case police charge eleventh man

Thames Valley Police vanThirteen properties were raided by Thames Valley Police as part of the same inquiry

Mohammed Imran, of Springcliffe Street, Bradford, is accused of six offences including three counts of raping a girl aged under 16.

Thames Valley Police had said he was due to appear at Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Court earlier.

The charges relate to offences between 2007 and 2009.

Mr Imran, 37, has also been charged with two counts of conspiring to rape a girl under 16 years of age and one count of arranging/ facilitating the prostitution/ involvement in pornography of a child aged 13 to 17 years.

Thirteen properties were raided by police on 2 September as part of the same inquiry.

Ten other men have already been charged with sexually abusing girls under 16.

Three other men arrested in connection with the inquiry were released without charge.

Muslim Taxi Driver Guilty Of Sex Attacks On Male Passengers

Previously countless Muslim taxi drivers have featured on this site for their perverted sexual behaviour towards passengers.Dundee based cab driver Mohammed Anwar is the latest in that long list to darken these pages with his antics. Only this Muslim sex beast was a closet homosexual and his victims were both adult males.

Taxi driver grabbed kilted man’s genitals as he drove him home

Dundee Sheriff Court.
Court: Mohammed Anwar found guilty of sex attacks on two male passengers in Dundee.

A taxi driver asked a kilted man if he was a “true Scotsman” before reaching up his kilt and grabbing his genitals in the first of two sex attacks on male passengers.

Mohammed Anwar targeted the victim as he drove his drunk passenger home from a night out in Dundee city centre.

Married Anwar, who has five children, was brushed off at first but then twice more put his hand up the man’s Highland dress and “had a good feel”.

He struck again weeks later after he was called to take another man to hospital.

The second victim was vomiting blood and wanted to be taken to Ninewells Hospital in the city.

But during the journey Anwar quizzed him on why he had broken up with his girlfriend – asking “is it because you have a small penis?”

Anwar then repeatedly grabbed the man’s crotch as he drove towards the hospital.

Anwar had denied the charges and stood trial at Dundee’s Sheriff Court, insisting that the allegations had been fabricated by the two men, who did not know each other and had never met the taxi driver before.

But a sheriff found him guilty, placed him on the sex offenders register and warned him he faces jail when he returns to be sentenced in October.

Anwar’s first victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told how he “broke down in tears” at the Tesco store where he was dropped off by Anwar moments after the attack.

The 37-year-old said: “I just wanted to get home and go to bed – I asked him to drop me off at Tesco in South Road so I could get cigarettes.

“He asked me if I was a true Scotsman and I said yes. Just after that I felt his hand coming up my kilt and feeling my penis.

“At first I thought it was just a bit of banter – sometimes people do that when you’re wearing a kilt, you sort of expect it.

“But it happened three times in total. We got further up the road and I was relaxing and I just wanted to close my eyes and sleep.

“I felt his hand coming up again – he had a good feel. I got out to get cash to pay him and when he drove away I just broke down.”

Anwar’s second victim, also 37, said: “He started asking me questions I thought were inappropriate – he asked why I had split up with my girlfriend and if it had been because I have a small penis.

“He was asking me to show him but I said no. He kept trying touch my genital area.

“I had my head between my legs because I was in quite a bad way – but he was still reaching and grabbing towards my groin area.

“He kept saying ‘is it because you have a wee penis – let me see it’.”

Anwar, 33, of Dundee, denied two charges under the Sexual Offences (Scotland) Act on summary complaint.

The offences were committed on May 25 and July 20 last year during the course of journeys in Dundee.

Sheriff Richard McFarlane found him guilty of both charges.

Sentence was deferred for social work background reports until October and Anwar was placed on the sex offenders register and released on bail meantime.

German Police Say They Will Not Tolerate ‘Sharia Patrols’ By Bearded Extremists

Eleven Muslim extremists in bright orange vests with the words Sharia Police written on the back patrolled the city of Wuppertal last week. The German public are outraged at the attempts by the Salafists to enforce sharia law in scenes not to dissimilar to those carried out by the Muslim patrol in Tower Hamlets last year by extremists Jordan Horner and Royal Barnes, both are part of Anjem Choudary’s hate filled posse.

The German group needless to say hold the same abhorrent views as Choudary. Salafists are the self-proclaimed guardians of public morals are the fastest growing group of radical Muslims in Germany and elsewhere. Terrorist groups around the world such as ISIS, Boko Haram and the Taliban are all Salafists. The head of the Wuppertal group is German convert and ex fireman Sven Lau, alias Abu Adam. 

Germany needs to act fast and stamp out these parasites while there is still chance.

Radical Muslims declare ‘Sharia zone’ in western German city

German police say they won’t tolerate the activities of Muslim patrols attempting to impose obedience to religious law.

By | Sep. 6, 2014 | 6:08 PM

Sharia patrol

Screenshot from YouTube of Sharia patrol in Wuppertal, Germany.

Radical Muslims in the city of Wuppertal in western Germany have begun operating a “Sharia police” force in an attempt to impose Islamic law on local Muslims, the German media reported on the weekend.

About a dozen young Muslim men wearing orange safety vests with the words “Sharia Police” were seen this week outside the city’s discos and pubs and patrolling its streets. According to reports, they were distributing pamphlets and urging Muslims to observe Islamic strictures against alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography and prostitution.

In videos distributed online, the group said it was attempting to implement a “Sharia-Controlled Zone.”

Charges of unlawful assembly and use of uniform in public were brought against 11 members of the group last week, according to a spokeswoman for the Wuppertal police.

A similar phenomenon has been reported in London in recent weeks, with radical Islamists campaigning for the imposition of Sharia law in several areas of the city.

The leader of the German group is a Sven Lau, 33, a Muslim convert and former fireman, who also heads a radical organization named “Invitation to Paradise.”

The group reportedly identifies itself with the Salafi movement, an ultra-conservative stream of Islam with a strong following in the Middle East. Most of the world’s Salafis are from Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Spiegel Online reported recently that the German police was dealing with two allegations of harassment against the group in the city of Bonn. In one case they allegedly attempted to force a Muslim girl to wear a veil and in the other they beat a youth for drinking alcohol.

Members of the far-right in Wuppertal have responded to the appearance of the Salafists with a group called “City Defense,” dedicated to returning safety and order to the city.

The enmity between the far right and radical Islam poses a danger to the German public as a whole. Four Salafists are due to go on trial in Dusseldorf this week on charges of placing bombs at the Bonn central train station in revenge for the public display of cartoons about the Prophet Mohammed, allegedly by the far-right.

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière promised over the weekend that the government would not tolerate the Sharia vigilantes. “No one will be allowed to sully the good name of the German police,” he said in an interview with the German tabloid Bild.

A firebomb was thrown at a synagogue in Wuppertal last July. Members of the city’s Jewish community said at the time that they were scared of the radical Muslims, who, they said, were shouting anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic slogans, including “Jews to the gas.”

5 Muslim Grooming Gang Members On Trial In Sheffield

Just a stones throw from scandal hit Yorkshire town, Rotherham. We have another Muslim paedophile gang on trial for sexual exploitation.

Grooming gangs are massive problem almost exclusive to Muslim perverts.  Like the lyrics of the Bruce Hornsby  song says……”some things will never change….that’s just the way it is”   No matter how many times they say “what about Jimmy Saville, he was a white British Christian” it is not going to change the fact that its a Muslim problem 

kafir crusaders interactive Muslim grooming gangs and muslim paedophiles map of the UK
Kafir Crusaders interactive Muslim grooming map

Child sex trafficking gang on trial in Sheffield

Sheffield Star

Five men have gone on trial in Sheffield today, accused of trafficking a 13-year-old girl for sex.

Sheffield Crown Court heard the youngster, who had only just turned 13, ended up in Bradford where she was befriended by a gang of men.

She was taken to a hotel where it is alleged one of them – Shakeal Rehman, aged 26, pinned her down and raped her.

The same night another man Mohammed Shapal, aged 22, told the vulnerable girl he loved her before having sex with her.

Mr Storey said the next day a third man, Usman Ali, 21, picked up the girl in his car, and he too had sex with her.

Two days later, it is alleged, Yaseen Amini, aged 36, and Bekir Rasheed, 36, both had sex with the girl as well, at a party.

Addressing the jury, prosecutor Thomas Storey said: “This case is about child sexual exploitation of a 13-year-old girl by these five defendants and others, in the summer of last year.

“Last summer a young girl ran away from home in Sheffield, at the time she had only just had her thirteenth birthday.

“There was an extensive police search but she was found a week or so later in Bradford.

“She was spoken to at length by the police and she told them various offences had been committed against her by these five men and by another man who is still wanted by the police.”

Mr Storey said of Shapal, Amini, Ali and Rasheed who are all accused of sexual activity with a child: “They had a reasonable belief she was consenting which is why they are not charged with rape, but they couldn’t reasonably have believed she was over 16.”

Rehman denies rape and trafficking, Shapal, denies sexual activity with a child and trafficking and Ali, denies sexual activity with a child.

All three are from Bradford.

Amini, of Lopham Street, Burngreave, Sheffield, denies sexual activity with a child and trafficking while Rasheed of Ulverston Road, Woodseats, denies trafficking.

The trial continues.

Muslim Majority Grooming Gang Charged In Bucks

Eight men charged with child sexual exploitation

Thames Valley Police vanThames Valley Police said the alleged exploitation of two girls between 2005 and 2012 had prompted the raids

Eight men have been charged with sexually abusing girls under the age of 16 by police investigating child sexual exploitation dating back to 2005.

The charges follow raids by Thames Valley Police carried out in Aylesbury and other Buckinghamshire towns on Tuesday.

One of the men has been charged with three counts of raping a girl under the age of 13.

The men arrested come from Aylesbury, Milton Keynes, Buckingham and Chesham.

The men in custody are aged between 28 and 45.

Thames Valley police officersThe force has posted images of the officers being briefed before the raids

The operation involved 120 officers who conducted a string of early morning raids.

The men charged are:

Arshad Jani, 32, of Cousins Drive, Aylesbury, charged with one count of conspiracy to rape a girl aged 13/14/15, one count of rape of a girl aged 13/14/15 and one count of engaging in sexual activity with a girl aged 13 to 15.

Vikram Singh, 45, of Cannock Road, Aylesbury, charged with four counts of rape of a girl aged 13/14/15, three counts of raping a girl under age of 13 and one count of administering a substance with the intent of committing a sexual offence.

Asif Hussain, 32, of Rossal Place, Milton Keynes, charged with three counts of rape of a girl under the age of 13 and one count of arranging/facilitating the prostitution of a child.

Sohail Qamar, 40, of St Annes Road, Aylesbury, charged with one count of rape of a child under the age of 16 and one count of sexual activity with a child.

Akbari Khan, 35, of Mandeville Road, Aylesbury, charged with two counts of rape of a girl under the act of 16, one count of conspiracy to rape and two counts of administering a substance with the intent of committing a sexual offence.

Taimoor Khan, 28, of Highbridge Road, Aylesbury, charged with two counts of rape of a girl under the of 16, one count of conspiracy to rape a child and one count of administering a substance with intent of committing a sexual offence.

Sajid Ali, 34, of Brockhurst Road, Chesham, charged with count of rape of a girl under the age of 16, one count of conspiracy to rape a girl under the age of 16, one count of sexual activity with a child and one count of administering a substance with the intent of committing a sexual offence.

Jerome Joe, 35, of Pightle Crescent, Buckingham, charged with one count of sexual activity with a girl aged 13 to 15.

The men were all remanded in custody to appear at Milton Keynes Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

Three other men, two aged 30 and one 40, arrested in connection with the inquiry have been released without charge.

OAP Knocked Unconscious And Jaw Broke By ‘Asian’ Mercedes Driver In Manchester

The scumbag who attacked this pensioner in Salford needs catching and locking up asap.  Typical behaviour these days by religion of peace members preying on the weak. Picking on the easy target all the time. They have no morales and no respect for their elders or anyone else for that matter if they happen to be British non Muslims. 

Pictured: Pensioner battered unconscious for asking speeding Mercedes driver to slow down

Peter Stringer, 71, also had his jaw broken in the vicious attack in Walkden, Salford

Peter Stringer suffered a broken jaw in the attack

A motorist jumped out of his car and battered a pensioner unconscious – because he asked him to slow down.

Peter Stringer, 71, was left with a fractured jaw when the thug got out of his Mercedes and viciously attacked him on Old Clough Lane in Walkden, Salford.

The thug is believed to be less than half Mr Stringer’s age.

Detectives have now issued this image of his injuries in a bid to track down the attacker.

The victim was walking his mother-in-law’s dogs at around 7.30pm on Sunday, August 31, when a black Mercedes saloon car sped past.

As Mr Stringer stood near the junction of Spring Clough Avenue, he gestured for the driver to slow down.

The car stopped and reversed back to him, before the driver leapt out and punched him hard in the face, fracturing his jaw and knocking him unconscious.

The man then got back in his car and drove off, leaving Mr Stringer alone and injured on the pavement.

The offender is described as Asian and aged about 30.

He was between 5ft 8in and 5ft 9in and had an athletic build, a sallow complexion, short black hair and a short trimmed beard.

He was wearing smart-casual clothing.

Det Con Paul Davies, of Greater Manchester Police, said: “The victim has been left understandably shaken by this unprovoked assault and I believe the injuries would have been more severe had the victim not fallen onto a grass verge.

“The offender has thought nothing of fleeing the scene and did not even call an ambulance.

“Unfortunately no witnesses to this assault have come forward and the victim came to on the grass verge alone, with no one around to check on his welfare.

“It was a cowardly act and I ask for anybody with information about this incident or who thinks they may have seen a vehicle matching that description driving erratically in the area at the time to contact police.”

Anyone with information can call police on 0161 856 5097 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

The Muslim Grooming Epidemic And The Rotherham Report

metro front page on Rotherham muslim grooming gang scandal

Following a damming report into goings on in Rotherham. Muslim grooming gangs are once again front page news. As many as 1400 victims had been groomed and abused by vile Islamic paedophiles over the last 16 years.  Where police and local authorities failed to act and protect the victims or get the horrible evil Muslims committing the abuse off the streets. Now we find a similar situation as following the Rochdale grooming gang trial with the police,council and social services saying they are sorry like it makes everything all right.

Due to my very strong anti Muslim grooming gang stance and my Muslim grooming map. I have lost count of the amount of times i have been branded a racist, a fascist, or an extremist. Like wise the amount of times i have been told I’m scaremongering, exaggerating or lying over the massive scale of Muslim grooming gangs in Britain, which are largely being ignored my the mainstream media and played down by the authorities for community cohesion reasons. 

Does it bother me when Muslims or far left do gooders message me or leave a comment saying those things?? The answer is no not at all because this isn’t about me. It’s about every innocent victim and their families of those disgusting racist Muslim grooming gangs, who have been let down and ignored because of political correctness. Many of the victims are in care with nobody to stand up and fight their corner.I have constantly tried exposing the rape jihad of Britain’s children by Muslim paedophiles. Trying to find those little snippets in the local press that added together paint a very disturbing picture and posting them to raise awareness of the grooming epidemic happening all around us. Hopefully what myself and other patriots like me have been saying and doing to inform people of this rape jihad epidemic may just prevent some other child becoming a victim


Lets rewind back to September 2012 when local MP Denis McShane claimed that there had been a large-scale cover up by the police, social services and the Labour Party controlled council. Mr McShane said that for a number of years all the above mentioned civil servants had been fully aware of Rotherham’s large-scale grooming problems committed almost exclusively by Muslims of Pakistani descent. Yet they chose to ignore the victims cries for help and chose to look the other way or aid and abet the paedophiles by covering it up.

A police whistle-blower also backed up the Rotherham MPs claims by providing the Times with overwhelming evidence that this was happening. The majority of the time the deciding factor in what happened was the evil offenders ethnic background. Pakistani Muslims held the get out of jail free race card . Those that could have stopped it were to scared of speaking out and stopping the problem in case they were called racists. Naturally at the time they all denied it was going on in Rotherham. Now we know they was lying!!

It was hearing about this scandal and reading a victims plight that prompted me to make the map detailing incidents of Muslim grooming and paedo activity across the UK. This map showed the true horrific scale of the problem. I stand by everything i said at that time. That the cases in the spotlight are just the tip of the iceberg. Even more so now after this report becoming public.

kafir crusaders muslim grooming gang map

What has happened in Rotherham and Rochdale before it with a staggering amount of victims coming to light afterwards who have been failed by the authorities is almost certainly to be happening in countless other towns up and down the country. Where next Bradford?  Bolton? Oldham? Burnley? Blackburn? Birmingham? Preston?  It’s only a matter  of time. 

The Jay report into failings in Rotherham says: “By far the majority of perpetrators were described as Asian by victims, yet throughout the entire period, councillors did not engage directly with the Pakistani-heritage community to discuss how best they could jointly address the issue.Some councillors seemed to think it was a one-off problem, which they hoped would go away. Several staff described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so.

The Muslim grooming epidemic is not going to go away like some hope. It will carry on and on until:

  • People are held accountable for the abuse being allowed  to continue unchallenged for so long such as social services, police, councillors etc. If it takes mass sackings and prosecutions or even jail for negligence to make them start doing their jobs properly then so be it. If you was a taxi driver and you went to the wrong address constantly, you would be sacked. If you worked in Gregg’s and everyday you gave somebody a meat pie when they wanted cheese, you would be sacked. So why should these civil servants be any different when they are not doing their job properly. Only their incompetence is a little more serious than a pie or a taxi. It is people’s lives they are messing with. Heads must roll !!!!

Rotherham Aslong as your a Muslim and not white and British

  • Far left extremists such as the UAF stop defending paedophiles. Attempting to silence people or counter demonstrating protests about grooming just because it’s the EDL or whoever is just senseless and effectively aiding and abetting.

Unite against fascism defend muslim paedophiles outside court

  • Labour Party controlled councils stop putting community cohesion and political correctness before the victims. Its no coincidence that they are all Labour Party dominated councils where the grooming gangs are rife
  • The police and cps stop worrying about rocking the boat and upsetting the always temperamental Muslims and start bringing those responsible to justice. Using excuses like it was consensual sex is a poor excuse. Sex with a child can never be consensual as it is illegal.
  • The Muslim communities themselves stand up and admit its a problem and start to tackle it from within. Instead of throwing up a wall of silence and pretending it’s not happening. Chances of this happening are almost none existent because this has everything to do with their religion. The paedophile grooming gang members are acting like their sexual deviant prophet Mohammed, who was a woman-hater, taking female infidels as sex slaves and had sex with a child. For a Muslim to say that the groomer’s behaviour is wrong  would mean Mohammed and Islam was wrong so that will never happen.
muslim prophet mohammad had a 6 year old wife
Muslim prophet Mohammed had a 6 year old wife

A full investigation should be held to see if other councils and police forces have also severely failed the victims :

Keighley (2005 and 2013), Blackpool (2006), Oldham (2007 and 2008), Blackburn (2007, 2008 and 2009), Sheffield (2008), Manchester (2008 and 2013) Skipton (2009), Rochdale (two cases in 2010, one in 2012 and another in 2013), Nelson (2010), Preston (2010) Rotherham (2010) Derby (2010), Telford (2012), Bradford (2012), Ipswich (2013), Birmingham (2013), Oxford (2013), Barking (2013)  Peterborough (2013) Leeds(2014) Wycombe(2014) Burton(2014)


Suspended Sentence For Muslim Taxi Driver Who Attempted To Sexually Assault Copper With Sextoy

Here we go yet again………another suspended sentence for a Muslim taxi driver who attempted to sexually assault a female police officer working undercover courtesy of the UK’s most incompetent Judge, Beverley Lunt who is based at Burnley Crown Court.

Here are a couple of other soft Muslim sentences that i have previously posted about given by Judge Lunt:

East Lancs taxi driver attempted sexual assault on undercover police officer after waving vibrator at her

Jamil Iqbal invited the undercover police officer into the front seat

Jamil Iqbal invited the undercover police officer into the front seat

First published Friday 29 August 2014 in News
Last updated 13:58 Friday 29 August 2014
by Wendy Barlow, Court reporter

A TAXI driver has admitted attempted sexual assault on an undercover police officer 11 months after he was cleared of sexually assaulting a teenager.

Jamil Iqbal, 41, had invited the woman into the front seat, made ‘overt sexual remarks’ to her, waved a vibrator at her, asked her to touch it and told her he loved her.

Father-of-six Iqbal, who was at the wheel of his own car, had just dropped off his wife of 23 years and family when the incident happened and struck because he ‘couldn’t control himself that day’, Burnley Crown Court was told.

The attempt to touch the officer came after Iqbal was cleared of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl, by a jury, in January last year. Iqbal had been accused of groping the teenager in his cab in April 2010.

The defendant, of Humphrey Street, Brierfield, recently working as a part-time takeaway driver, admitted attempted sexual assault on the undercover officer, in December last year.
He was sentenced to 16 months in prison, suspended for two years, with two years’ supervision.

Iqbal was ordered to sign the sexual offenders register for 10 years and was made subject to a 10-year sexual offences prevention order, banning him from applying for a taxi licence, working as a taxi driver and from working as a driver on any other form of public transport.

Prosecutor Stephen Parker said last December 7, an undercover officer called Brierfield-based Victors Taxis, just after midnight. A cab arrived at 1.30am, displaying the logo of another firm.

The defendant said he was Victors, the officer got in and Iqbal started asking her personal questions, such as did she have a boyfriend. He gave her his mobile number and said he would pick her up later.

The officer, in company with a colleague, rang the mobile number on December 16, requesting drop-offs at pubs in Burnley and Barrowford. Iqbal arrived, not displaying the livery of any taxi firm. The officers got in and Iqbal explained he wasn’t really working. The first officer was dropped off in Burnley, leaving the second in the back of the vehicle. The defendant told her to get in the front but the officer declined.

Mr Parker said: “He then diverted the subject to sex, asking whether she liked sex or not, produced a plastic carrier bag from the front passenger seat and produced a vibrator from the carrier bag.

“He pushed the vibrator towards her, asking her to touch it. He asked her if she was scared and asked if she could keep it a secret.”

The prosecutor said by the time the defendant was dropping the officer off, he was saying: “I love you. I love you.” Iqbal was arrested minutes later.

Defending Iqbal, Afzal Anwar said his taxi licence had been revoked. The barrister continued: “He’s sorry. He does demonstrate clear remorse.”

Passing sentence, Judge Beverley Lunt said: “This undercover officer has probably saved some innocent victim from being subjected, as she was, to this extremely unpleasant incident.”

Karma Catches Up With Big Mouth Muslim MP George Galloway

Poor old George Galloway. It looks like his karma has finally caught up with the snake like traitor MP. Somebody who he has offended in the past with his controversial comments has given him a good hiding leaving him hospitalized. Ha Ha it couldn’t of happened to a nicer bloke

Allegations of corruption such as voter fraud, backhanders from Saddam’s oil money and being in the pocket of Arab dictators have followed Galloway his whole political career. Using his media appearances to push his treasonous communist/Muslim agenda which is often of an anti-Semitic nature. Yet somehow until now he has always managed to wriggle his way out .


George Galloway leaves hospital after London street attack

George GallowayThis picture, released by Respect via Twitter, was taken before George Galloway went to hospital

George Galloway has left hospital after being treated for injuries he suffered in a street attack in west London.

The Respect MP for Bradford West was posing for pictures in Notting Hill when he was assaulted on Friday night.

The MP suffered “severe” bruising to his head and appears to have broken some ribs, his spokesman said.

The spokesman said the attack on Mr Galloway seemed to have been prompted by the MP’s views on Israel. A man has been arrested over the attack.

The attacker allegedly called Mr Galloway “a Hitler” during the assault.

‘Leapt on him’

The MP’s spokesman said the assailant had made reference to the Holocaust.

“George was posing for pictures with people and this guy just attacked him, leapt on him and started punching him,” the spokesman said.

“It appears to be connected with his comments about Israel because the guy was shouting about the Holocaust.”

Mr Galloway was interviewed under caution by police earlier this month over remarks he made about Israel.

After Friday night’s attack, the MP made a statement at Notting Hill police station before being taken to hospital for treatment. He left hospital at about 06:00 BST.

He was feared to have suffered a broken jaw but the MP’s spokesman said this was not the case.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman confirmed police had been called to Golborne Road at about 19:40 on Friday after a man was assaulted in the street.

Bolton Shopkeeper Stamping Pro Hamas Slogans On £5 Notes

A Muslim shopkeeper from Bolton has been upsetting British born locals by defacing £5 notes with anti Israel slogans before giving them back out in the change.  The Muslim owned Willow News on Willows Lane, Daubhill stamped the notes with the slogan ” Free Palestine Boycott Israel”   This also happens to be a criminal offence  although i doubt the police will do anything as Muslims get a free pass to do as they please.

How about boycott Willow News for the Muslim shop keepers complete ignorance and lack of facts. Like so many Muslims and their far left sympathisers they are brainwashed by numpty’s like George Galloway into believing rubbish.

Free Palestine……where exactly is Palestine?   Before Israel was formed was there a sovereign state called Palestine….er nope.  I take it by Palestine he is referring to the enclave of the Gaza Strip  controlled by terrorist organization Hamas, a Muslim Brotherhood offshoot. Who syphon off aid money to line their own pockets and buy weapons. The same Hamas whose own constitution declares never ever make peace with Israel and fight on until they are wiped out.

Palestine is not or never has been a country, its a geographical area that was referred to as the Mandate of Palestine in the 1920 plans for a Jewish homeland. The former Ottoman empire was carved up after their defeat in WW1. Syria, Iraq and Lebanon were also formed at the same time as the planned Jewish homeland which included  their holy lands once called Judea where the Jews were driven out from.

Almost straight away Muslim Arabs kicked off about their sworn enemy the Jews getting their own place right next door.  So the planned Jewish homeland, The Mandate Of Palestine was once again split up further. 77% of it designated Arab Palestine which became the country of Jordan. 23% as Jewish Palestine which became Israel.

Mr Willow News should start doing his homework before pushing his extremist anti Semitic untrue beliefs on others in an area that is heavily Islamized and where interfaith relations are at an all time low thanks to the Labour Council’s blatant Muslim appeasing.

Willows News, Daubhill, Bolton. Hamas supporting owner stamps notes with anti Israeli messages
Willow News In Bolton


 A £5 note with the anti semetic message stamped on it stamped on at Willows News, Willows Lane, Daubhill
A £5 note with the anti semetic message stamped on it stamped on at Willows News, Willows Lane, Daubhill
Manager of Willows News in Bolton is breaking the law defacing notes
Manager of Willows News in Bolton is breaking the law defacing notes

‘Free Palestine, boycott Israel’ messages stamped on bank notes and handed out by newsagent

8:00am Sunday 24th August 2014 in News  By Vickie Scullard,

FREE Palestine, boycott Israel messages are being stamped on bank notes and handed out by a newsagent.

Manager of Willows News has taken to spreading his political message to customers in the unusual way in a bid to raise awareness of the situation in the Middle East.

The messages say “free Palestine, boycott Israel”.

The shop boss, who wants only to be known as Abdul, said: “It’s simply based on what is currently going on at the moment to make people aware about what cause they need to be supporting.
“What Israel is doing is wrong, and we need to boycott them and support Palestine. Putting a little stamp on the notes is our way of raising awareness and getting the message across using a political message.

“Some people have come in and asked what it’s about, and some have realised that it is a good thing. Others don’t understand it, but there hasn’t been too much negativity.”

But one grandfather, who has been given one of the notes from the shop in Willows Lane, Daubhill, was not happy to be handed the defaced £5.

Bill, who does not want to reveal his last name or be pictured, says he received the note on Sunday, August 17, after he picked up his paper.

The 67-year-old, of Deane Church Lane, Daubhill, did not see the message at first, because the note was folded up as it was given to him, but when he clocked it later he became annoyed.

He says he found out it came from the shop after speaking to two other residents in the area who received similar notes.

The production worker said: “I paid with a £10 note and received the fiver back folded in half, so I didn’t realise the stamp at first. But when I took it home there it was plain as day.

“I was livid. It is defacing the Queen’s currency. If I wrote ‘free England, boycott so and so’ on our notes I’d be in the police station quicker than I could think.

“It’s a political statement on our currency which is out of order. It is premeditated, not just written out of temper. I think whoever is responsible should be taken to task about it.”

The Bank of England, which issues the country’s bank notes confirmed it was illegal to deface currency — but stressed they were still legal tender even if they had been stamped.

A spokesman for the Bank of England said: “Defacing bank notes is definitely not something we would recommend but whether or not there would be a prosecution would be up to the Crown Prosecution Service to determine if it was in the public interest.

“We would advise people not to do it because one of the really important things is maintaining confidence in our currency and people being able to spot counterfeit money.

“The notes are legal tender but they would probably be taken out of circulation when they entered our processing plants.”

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