Un-Deportable And Un-named Somalian Refugee Jailed For Flouting Terrorism Order

Birmingham seems to be something of a magnet when it comes to British based Islamic terrorists. The cities Muslim enclaves are a  breeding ground for British based terrorists. It is also where an unnamed Somali terrorist lived who was jailed last week for flouting a terror prevention order against him

Don’t you just love how nice and friendly the British establishment are to our Muslim friends from around the world. They welcome them here with open arms regardless, give them free housing and benefits, access to our health service, free schooling for their 6 offspring. All paid for by the hard working British taxpayer whilst they work at snails pace to process  their asylum claim sometimes taking years to deal with. Even then the bogus ones we cannot deport most of the time as they claim human right infringements because their children are in British schools.

Despite loving our welfare system and the life of luxury it brings them, they despise our country and its people, refuse to integrate and accept British traditions and our way of life.  Some Muslims even actively participate in terrorism, plotting and scheming to bring down the very country that took them in.  Those who are caught then become a further burden to the taxpayer with court costs and imprisonment.

Even then the Islamist cannot be deported back to where they came from.  They have a right to a family life thanks to leftist do gooders.  Political correctness has replaced common sense. The terrorists even have the luxury of not being named and shamed. 

Remember who opened the floodgates and welcomed them in the first place. Who bent over to Europe and gave all our powers over to them. Who turned the UK into the joke it is now by forcing political correctness on us…………..When you go to the ballot box next month in the elections. Put the X anywhere other than the Labour Party box!


BIRMINGHAM A Somalian refugee was jailed for 15 months today (weds) for flouting a terrorism prevention order. The father-of-six, 37, is known only as FF because of a High Court order granting him lifelong anonymity. He admitted breaking the terms of a terrorism prevention measures order (TPIM) when he appeared at the Old Bailey. The TPIM was imposed to restrict his movements as he is believed to be a risk to the public but cannot be tried or deported.


Man Stabbed And Robbed In Huddersfield Pack Attack

Published on the 22 April 2014 11:57

Police are appealing for witnesses after a man was stabbed and robbed in Huddersfield.

The incident took place at the junction of Albert Street and Summer Street in Huddersfield on Wednesday, April 9, between 10.30am and 10.45am.

A 22-year-old man was approached by two men who threatened him, before jabbing a knife into his thigh leaving a small cut.

The suspects made off with £35 in cash.

Detective Constable Andy Clayton of Huddersfield CID said: “This was a serious incident and I am calling for any witnesses to come forward and assist in our enquiries.

“The first suspect is described as Asian, in his mid to late twenties, around 5’8” tall, of stocky build and had short black hair. He was wearing a black dufflecoat and was carrying a kitchen knife.

“The second man is believed to be in his late teens and early twenties, around 5’11” tall, of skinny build and wearing a blue hooded top with a black beanie hat.”

Any witnesses or anyone with information is asked to contact Kirklees CID via 101 or Crimestoppers, in confidence, on 0800 555111.


Girl,12, Attacked By ‘Asian’ Male With Knife On Way To School

Its quite disturbing that now the last four posts made in the space of two days have involved attacks on schoolgirls aged 14 and under. It gives me no pleasure what so ever in doing so. It makes me feel sick as well as my blood boil as i’m typing. I can’t help but think that could be my daughter. It may not be my daughter this time, but all the poor victims are somebodies daughter and what they must be going through i cannot begin to imagine

Therefore it is out of necessity to make people aware of what these vile creatures are doing to our nations children. Savage acts like this and the others should be front page news in the mainstream press. Instead its on page 8 or whatever of the local press getting a very small audience. The public have a right to know about the rape jihad epidemic on our streets up and down the UK. Not given the misguided impression that all is fine and dandy for community cohesion reasons.

Bedford and Kempston schools on alert as young girl attacked by man with a knife

Written bySARAH COX

A SCHOOLGIRL was attacked by a man armed with a knife in Kempston this morning (Tuesday, April 22).

The incident took place at 8:50am in Beech Walk as the 12-year-old was making her way to school.

A police spokeswoman said: “A man approached the girl and pushed her to the ground before threatening her with a knife and leaving the scene.

“The girl managed to make her way to school and raised the alarm.”

Schools in Bedford and Kempston sent a text alert to parents, warning them about the attack and advising them to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of their children.

Police Sergeant Richard Dickson, investigating, is keen to trace anyone who was in the Beech Walk area this morning and saw the incident.

PS Dickson said: “This was an unusual incident and all schools in the area have been warned and extra police patrols are taking place.

“The young girl was bruised during the incident and left extremely frightened but otherwise unhurt. Officers are now trying to trace the man who is described as having an Asian appearance, with a large build and dressed in black clothes including a hooded top.

“I would urge anyone who has seen a man matching this description in the area or anyone who saw the incident this morning to contact officers as soon as possible.”

Anyone with information relating to this crime can contact PS Dickson, in confidence, at Bedfordshire Police on 101, or text information to 07786 200011.

Alternatively you can contact the independent crime fighting charity Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Read more: http://www.bedfordshire-news.co.uk/News/Bedford-and-Kempston-schools-on-alert-as-young-girl-attacked-by-man-with-a-knife-20140422114811.htm#ixzz2zhTt2SLi

Sheffield Rape Jihad:12 Year Old Girl Attacked By Sex fiend

Another sickening sex attack on a child in Sheffield. The 12 year old victim was attacked last week on some waste ground by a repulsive Muslim nonce. The young girl will now be scarred mentally for the rest of her life following the rape jihad attack all so the peado responsible can  his sick kick out of abusing a child for a few minutes                   


Girl, 12, victim of sexual assault in Grimesthorpe

A man is being hunted after a 12-year-old girl was sexually assaulted in Sheffield.

The schoolgirl was attacked in the Grimesthorpe area at about 21:00 BST on 15 April, South Yorkshire Police said.

She was walking across waste ground between Barnsley Road and Earl Marshal Road when a man pinned her to the floor and assaulted her.

The suspect is Asian, in his 20s, with sideburns and a fringe, and was wearing a grey and yellow hooded top.

A police spokeswoman said the man is believed to “frequent the area” around Earl Marshal Road and was seen earlier that day near Osgathorpe Park.

Illegal Immigrant Raped Girl,14, With Mental Age Of 7 In Bristol


How many more times are we going to see illegal immigrants raping and sexually abusing women and children before something is done about it. Britain is being swamped by unskilled Muslim illegal immigrants from uncivilised and backward lands. They have created a whole black market workforce working in Muslim owned semi legit businesses such as kebab shops, car washes,taxi driving where payments are made in cash or illegal things such as selling counterfeit goods, drugs and committing fraud. Either way they pay no tax or insurance on their earnings.

With them they bring their anti social backwards ways from back home. Unfortunately as we are finding out the hard way. One of those is their fondness for committing sex attacks.  Afghani illegal  immigrant Hamidullah Hamidi had previously been subject to a failed attempted deportation back to Afghanistan. Only weeks later the paedophile raped a 14 year old girl with the mental age of a 7 year old. Once again a Muslim sexual predator targeting the weakest of our society. 

Hamidullah Hamidi, of Chelsea Park, Easton - image courtesy Avon and Somerset PoliceHamidullah Hamidi attacked the girl on 8 December
22 April 2014 Last updated at 18:22

An illegal immigrant who dragged a “vulnerable” 14-year-old girl from the street and raped her in his Bristol home has been jailed for six years.

Hamidullah Hamidi, 19, of Chelsea Park, Easton, pleaded guilty to one count of rape, at Bristol Crown Court.

In sentencing, Judge Michael Longman said Hamidi would be deported from Britain halfway through his sentence.

“Your victim was just 14… when you raped her. She was plainly an extremely vulnerable girl,” the judge said.

The court heard he forced the girl, who has the mental capacity of a seven-year-old, into his home on 8 December before attacking her.

She eventually managed to flee the property, but Hamidi followed her until he was stopped by passers-by.


“When she was able to leave and make off, you followed her until you were stopped from doing so,” Judge Longman said.

“You caused her severe psychological harm.”

Hamidi was arrested by police three days after the attack and initially denied it but later admitted his crime in court.

He was smuggled out of Afghanistan by his mother to prevent him being recruited by the Taliban and entered Britain illegally as a young boy.

Prosecuting, Giles Nelson said Hamidi was classed as an “overstayer”, with attempts to deport him made at his home last November.


Representing Hamidi, Stephen Mooney said his client was still appreciating “the enormity of what he has done”.

He said Hamidi had been placed within a foster family in Britain and attended college.

“He has thrown away all that he has in this country,” Mr Mooney added.

Speaking outside court Det Con Chris Shaw said Hamidi “acted in a predatory fashion in approaching the victim as she left a local shop and used money as a means of persuading her to go his home address.

“The fact he has admitted the offence shows the weight of evidence against him and at least spares the victim from having to relive this incident in the courtroom,” he added.

Muslim Taxi Driver Took Girl Aged 14 To Empty Flat And Raped Her

What is it at all with Muslim taxi drivers that are committing sex attacks against women and children. I have lost count of the amount of taxi driver related sex crimes that have taken place over the last 18 months. 

Child rapist Mohammed Ashraf is only the latest in the long list. One thing you can be certain of is he wont be the last Muslim taxi driver committing rape jihad that appears on this site. They just cannot contain their deviant sexual urges without acting on them.

Taxi driver took 14-year-old schoolgirl to flat before raping her

A taxi driver took a 14-year-old schoolgirl to a flat in his cab before raping her.

The teenager thought she was being taken shopping by Mohammed Ashraf but she was taken to an empty flat.

Ashraf began looking through her phone asking her questions about photos and texts before he began molesting her.

Advocate depute David Taylor told the High Court in Edinburgh: “She told him to stop and tried to push his hands away but he was too strong.”

Mr Taylor said she told him that she wanted to leave and her family would be wondering where she was. Ashraf, 53, then pushed her down and lay on top of her.

The advocate depute said: “She tried to push him off, pushing with both hands to his chest and shoulder. She could not get him off – he was too big for her to move.

Mr Taylor said: “The victim kept on asking him if she could go home. He replied ‘No’. She said she did not want to. The accused told her he would only let her go home if she did this.”

The prosecutor said after the assault Ashraf appeared “annoyed” with the victim and asked her what she would tell her family.

He added: “She told him that she would say that they had been shopping.”

When the girl got home, she sent her sister a text message. Five minutes later, her sister arrived home and went towards the bedroom they shared.

Mr Taylor said: “As she approached the door, the victim came running towards her crying. The victim’s face was red and her eyes were swollen. She hugged her sister and mumbled ‘something’s happened’.”

She told her sister her attacker had kissed her, touched her and “made me do things”.

The police were called and Ashaf was later detained and taken to a police station.

The court heard Ashraf’s DNA was found on swabs taken from the girl and her DNA was present on swabs from him.

Married Ashraf, from Edinburgh, admitted assaulting and raping the teenager on November 16 in 2012 at the flat in the city.

The Crown accepted his not guilty plea to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by repeatedly phoning the girl and waiting outside her school. His not guilty plea to a further charge of behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards another female was also accepted.

Ashraf has been put on the sex offenders register and will be sentenced in June.

Man Forced Into Taxi And Robbed In Preston

A man had a knife held to him after a social gathering turned sour.

Detectives at Preston CID are investigating allegations the 24-year-old victim was robbed at knifepoint at a terraced property on Clara Street in Fishwick, Preston, during a get-together on Thursday afternoon.

After the man’s money was 
taken, he was made to go in a 
private taxi with other guests who had 
been at the house.

It is understood the taxi stopped at a house on Fishwick Parade, with the victim still inside.

However, he ended up being dumped at the junction of New Hall Lane and London Road, opposite the Homebase store, at around 5.30pm, when the man who robbed him demanded that he get out of the vehicle.

The victim then called police from his mobile phone.

A taxi driver is helping police 
with their inquiries and has made a statement in connection with the 

Detectives believe the motive could be drugs related.

Today, Det Sgt John Crichton, of Preston CID, said: “We are investigating an incident on Thursday which started at a terraced property.

“We take all reports of robbery seriously.”

The victim, who is from Blackburn, arrived at the house at noon on Thursday after catching a bus to the city.

He spent time watching television with a friend and a girl.

He told officers later in the afternoon the guests in the house suddenly went into the kitchen, leaving him alone in the lounge.

One of the men then returned to the room and held a knife to him, 
demanding his money.

The robber, who stole around £105, is described as being of Asian appearance.

No arrests have yet been made.

Video: Islamists Baying For Blood Outside London Mosque. Mainstream Media Silence

Our TV screens have often shown chaotic scenes following Muslims Friday prayers at the mosque. Barbaric bearded Muslims baying for the blood of infidels, whipped up by hate preachers using  loudspeakers. A fine example of  this would be the worldwide Muslim rage over the amateur youtube video last year where Islamists incited by radical clerics would leave the mosque and engage in mindless violence.

Only these scenes of bloodthirsty Islamofascists full of hatred were not in Egypt, Libya or Gaza. Nor were they in hardline Islamic nations such as Iran, Saudi or Pakistan……….They were here in England, outside Regent Park Mosque in our nations capital London.

Once again those responsible for the incitement and organizers of the “Rally Against British Crusade” were hate preacher Anjem Choudary and his extremist group of convicted terrorists, sharia patrol enforcers and Al-Qaeda supporters. Patriots from the EDL and Britain First were in attendance counter protesting against the anti-British hate speeches by the Islamists.

Bearded male islamofascists and female burka clad extremists openly displaying provocative placards and waving the black flag of jihad which is widely used by Al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist groups around the world. Whist hate preacher Anjem Choudary once again incited racial hatred through a loudspeaker and avoided arrest like all the other times in the past. Other extremist  members of his vile group such as convicted terrorist Abu Izzadeen and white British convert Abdullahdeen also whipped up the islamists in the crowd into a baying mob with hate speeches.

Interestingly  Muslims leaving the proved there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim by joining the Islamist mob in throwing bottles and stones at the counter protesters.

Muslim extremists in London on Good Friday flying the black flag of jihad. Bearded savage in the middle is convicted terrorist Abu Izzadeen
Muslim extremists in London on Good Friday flying the black flag of jihad. Bearded savage in the middle is convicted terrorist Abu Izzadeen Photo: http://www.breitbart.com/

Unlike when the EDL or other patriot groups protest against important issues such as racist Muslim grooming gangs targeting white schoolgirls or mosque construction against the locals wishes. There was a severe lack of coverage in the mainstream media. Despite a female BBC reporter being manhandled by Islamists there is no mention of any of this in this weekends press. Yet when its patriots demonstrating the media are all over it jumping at the chance to badmouth them. Clearly a pro Muslim agenda in place by the media

The same can be said of all these so called anti-fascist groups such as Unite Against Fascism and Hope Not Hate who don’t mind taking the public’s money to fund their lifestyles yet do nothing to serve the interests of the British public. Where is UAF slug Weyman Bennett chatting on about ‘we will not let fascists divide our community’ organising counter demos against these extremists. Sorry my mistake islamofascists don’t count.  The UAF, Hope Not Hate, trade unions, scruffy antifa squatters and the other commies are far to busy organizing demos against the up coming St Georges day parade in Brighton by MFE than object to terrorists. 

Breitbart reported: “We are here to oppose the British government and the war against Islam and Muslims,” claimed Choudary, while another speaker shouted into a PA system, “Call me a terrorist, call me an extremist”. 

Eyewitnesses called the scenes “chaotic”, claiming that the crowds of Islamists were “baying for blood”. 

The group railed against the British government, democracy and urged the implementation of Shariah law in the United Kingdom. The protest was called the “Rally Against British Crusade” and demonstrators waved placards that called Britain an enemy of Islam.

Islamist activist Abu Rumaysah tweeted: “May Allah bless everyone for their duas. Today’s demo outside Regents Park Mosque against Cameron’s Christian Crusade was a huge success!”

Video: Anjem’s 3 Islamofascist Stooges Demand Islamic State Where Kufar Pay Jizya Tax

The video below features 3 of Anjem Choudary’s stooges demanding a khilafih (Islamic state) where Muslims are the rulers who enforce sharia law for all. Claiming Christians, Jews and other faiths who are persecuted by Muslims will be able to avoid any harm by paying their Islamic rulers jizya(protection money) and living as dhimmis(2nd class non Muslim citizens)

The video which seems to be filmed at some scruffy East London market is produced by members of hate preacher Anjem Choudarys extremist group need 4 kilafih. This basically is made up of the same radical anti British Islamists who were previously known as Al-Muhajiroun, Muslims Against Crusades and Islam4UK  before the government banned them.

Two familiar faces appearing in the video are Choudary’s extremist prodigies Abu Walaa and  Abdullahdeen who are often seen spouting their hate alongside the hate preacher at  demonstrations. Abu Walaa is a convicted terrorist who now campaigns for the release of all Muslim prisoners including renowned hate preachers Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada, terrorist Babar Ahmed and cold blooded murderer Aafia Siddiqui.   Abdullahdeen is a white British convert to radical Islam

Convicted terrorist Abu Walaa calls for islamic state and jiyza protection money to be paid by all infidels
Convicted terrorist Abu Walaa calls for islamic state and jiyza protection money to be paid by all infidels


Muslim extremist abdullahdeen demands Islamic state
Muslim extremist abdullahdeen demands Islamic state

Video: EDL v Islamofascists. American TV Channel ABC Report

H/T: Counter Jihad Report

 A  female Muslim TV reporter from ABC investigates the battle between the English Defence League and radical Muslim extremists as the EDL attempt to regain Britain’s streets and erase the evil of political Islam  that has been taking hold of some areas of the UK.

The reporter followers both Tommy Robinson and his nemesis, evil hate preacher Anjem Choudary. The video was recorded just after Tommy left the EDL but prior to being jailed.

It seemed something of an eye opener to the Muslim reporter as she witnessed the hatred against Britain and non Muslims spewed by AC who also demonstrated his woman hating views by refusing to shake her hand. She also seemed quite shocked at the amount of death threats TR receives on a daily basis and the explicit nature of the threats.

Tommy Robinson : ” I have a duty as a father and a duty as an Englishman to prevent that (on stopping islamofascist views from spreading)”

Opening peoples eyes to the threat that Political Islam poses to all our futures. Counter Jihad, Opposing the Islamization And Stealth Jihad of our infidel lands, Anti Rape-Jihad, Exposing Muslim Grooming Gangs, Reverse Dawah, Highlighting Pro Muslim Media Bias And Reverse Racism, Campaigning Against New Mosque Building, Against Inhumane Halal Slaughtered Food. Hater Of All Terrorism And Violence


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